Cooperation and compromise needed in government

To the Editor,How refreshing and nice it was to open the paper of July 16 to the Opinion page and find a letter with facts and common sense for a change.Thank you Jill Grubb.If the Republicans in Congress would work with our President rather than fighting him on everything we could make some progress on our problems.Cooperation and compromise would be very good for everyone.Wayne Ashcraf...

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AMAC: government admits that we’re running out of Social Security funds faster than expected

WASHINGTON, DC, July 18 - There was pretty scary news this week for people expecting to receive Social Security checks in less than 16 years from now: the Trust Fund won’t have the funds to make payouts starting in 2030, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

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Does the president love his country?

Dear Editor,In the paper of 16 July 2014 a letter written by [a citizen] left me wondering if there must be a second Obama that is the president of some other country in the world. There is no way she could be talking about president of this country because:

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Seriously Senator Brown – Seriously?

To the editor:Brown wants worker fairness classification as appeared in June 26, 2014 Mansfield News Journal.Your proposed bill “The Fair Playing Field Act” if passed will in reality pose more restrictions on businesses and workers. Just what they need! But it was charitable of you to make sure attorneys and other professional friends have a protected out.

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Response to June 25 letter

To The Editor,In your issue of June 25, Darl Mills claimed that Obama made several outrageous statements at a Meet the Press in September of 2008 when he was a senator. I wrote to and received this reply:President Obama did not say those things. He was not even a guest on Meet the Press on that day in September 2008.Here is a link to a story we wrote about his views on wearing a flag pin:

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Letter: Put an end to useless spending

Dear Editor,“That which has been is what will be, that which is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which it may be said, ‘See, this is new’? It has already been in ancient times before us.” Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 (NKJV) This was written thousands of years before Christ and there was nothing new under the sun already! So this tired old idea of socialism/communism or, as some would cal...

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Letter: supporting our local EMS responders

To the Editor;As I watched the evening news last Thursday on channel 10, I was surprised to see the picture of a local couple who lost their lives in a recent tragic accident. Then, as I listened, my emotions went from sickened to angry! All I could think of was the family who had just laid their loved ones to rest and are still trying to cope with it all, being victimized once again!I could immediately see through what I believe is a political move. God...

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A message to our readers: times are changing

The Morrow County Sentinel is going through more changes, and I felt we owed our readers an explanation of what’s to come - starting next week - and why.After Hirt Media sold the Sentinel nearly ten years ago, a lot of changes took place. The once plump 3-section weekly edition that averaged 32 pages began to decrease in size as businesses moved or closed and advertising revenue declined. Eventually, the Morrow County Independent was absorbed into the Sentinel and was no long...

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List of America’s faults

Dear Editor, I think this needs to be shared.This is Canada’s Top Ten List of United States of America’s Stupidity.Number 10) Only in the United States of America…could politicians talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000.00 per plate campaign fund-raising event.

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(No heading)

Dear Sen. Burke,Thank you for your response to my letter about reducing gun deaths. You have not really said anything substantial, however, and I wonder what YOU are doing to reduce the number of gun deaths, both by accidents and by dangerously mentally ill or criminal shooters. Nobody was talking about taking rights away from law-abiding citizens.

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It currently is a good time to hunt groundhogs

As I have been driving down the rural county roads, I have been noticing that the local groundhog population seems to be bouncing back and now is a perfect time to be out hunting them. The late planting season this year has extended the ability to hunt them since the soybeans aren’t very tall yet and that makes them easier to locate.Many summer evenings of my youth were spent hunting down these crop eating rodents. I enjoyed doing it and Dad was happy every time I shot one in...

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Letter: Impeachment proceedings are in order

Dear Editor, After I finished this letter I saw that Darl Mills and I were thinking the same thing. I guess freedom-loving minds think in like manner.The list of Barack Obama’s crimes is long. Some will call me racist because I dare to oppose the acts of this president. I believe it doesn’t matter what race or religion he is; the man has violated his oath of office more times than anyone can even remember.

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