Aprils 18th's Letters to the Editor

April 18, 2012


Associated Press

COLUMBUS — The Ohio House has passed a bill that would shorten the early voting period in what’s traditionally a presidential battleground state.

The legislation passed on a 53-39 vote Wednesday, despite Democrats’ criticism that shrinking the period would create longer lines and discourage voting.

Currently, there’s a 35-day early voting period.

Under the bill, voters could cast their ballots by mail 21 days before Election Day. It would allow in-person voting to start 10 days before the election but include limits that would leave Ohioans only six days to cast ballots in person.

The measure also gets rid of a disputed five-day period in which new voters can register and then immediately cast ballots.

The proposal also would move the 2012 presidential primary in Ohio from March to May.