A Glance Back in time from the pages of the Morrow County Independent

By Evelyn Long

December 17, 2013

100 years ago, December 25, 1913:

Two members of a Waldo family married Cardington residents on December 20 and December 21. John Davis and Mary Hart were married in the Mount Gilead Methodist parsonage on December 20 and John Helman and Annie Davis were married in the Cardington Lutheran parsonage on December 21. John Davis and Annie Davis, siblings, were from Waldo.

A new grange was organized in Richland township this week with a charter membership of fifty. Will Creswell of Mount Gilead organized the lodge.

Mr and Mrs. Claude Thompson were surprised when about twenty relatives and friends gathered at their home to help them celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary.

The rural mail carriers will cover their routes as usual on Christmas Day.

A daughter was born to Mr. And Mrs. Clarence Ault.

“A reformed bandit and train robber will be a candidate for governor of Oklahoma next year. Certainly the west offers opportunities.”

“Fred Huebner came near being the target for two bullets one day last week, both coming less than a foot from his head. One of the bullets entered the barn and the other cut a hole through the spouting on the house. Mr. Heubner was working out in the yard at the time and Mrs. Huebner was hanging out clothes. The balls came from across the creek.”

“The following little letter addressed to Santa Claus, Snowland, stamped with a Merry Christmas seal, was left at the Independent office and reads as follows:

santa claus bring me a go-car and some candy and nuts and a set of dishes and a book and that is all I want. My sister wants a go-cart to and a set of dishes and some oranges and a book and my brother wants a sled and a pair of mittens and a book. Thelma”

90 years ago, December 27, 1923:

“When the manager of the Union Department store in Mt Gilead went into that place of business Christmas morning he found that a smooth set of burglars had preceded him and rifled both safes of their contents of about $2,000 in cash and checks. No goods were taken unless possibly three or four overcoats. It is supposed the parties concealed themselves in the store during the Christmas evening rush and proceeded with the job deliberately. The combinations of the safe had been relocked. The parties left by a door which could be opened only from the inside.”

“The body of Walter D. Rinehart, eighteen year old son of Mr. And Mrs. John Rinehart of near Johnsville, was found partly submerged in a creek near that place Monday afternoon. The lad had risen early and taking his rifle and flashlight had gone to the creek to attend to his traps. It is supposed he had slipped and fallen into creek, discharging the rifle and inflicting the fatal wound. He was found by his mother at 4 pm that day.”

Emily Steffy of CArdington and Ray Davis, whose parents reside in Cardington, were married in Mansfield. Both of them were employed with Shelby Tube Works.

Miss Leelo Shaw, teacher in the Barberton schools, came home for a two weeks vacation with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. W. H. Shaw.

“One of the big Christmas givers both abroad and at home was C. A. Kientz of Cardington. It would have taken a large truck to hold all he handed out. Twenty fine chickens, dressed, besides ducks were among the gifts. Some of his chickens weighed eight pounds.”

Cardington post office business increased this holiday season considerably over last year.

“Cardington’s fast basket ball team came to Chesterville last Wednesday evening with steam up and had made the assertion that they would have another victory to chalk up but they left their chalk in Chesterville and our boys surely surprised them

We are not boasting but the Chesterville boys are surely working fine and they have not lost a game, having three victories to their credit.” (From Chesterville High School)

60 years ago, December 24, 1953:

Cardington water rates were to increase. The minimum rate for 8,000 gallons was to be $5.20 compared to $4 in the past. This marked the first increase in the rates

since the plant was placed in operation in 1936.

A back drop created by an assembly committee at Cardington High school was to be used when 125 members of five junior and senior high musical groups presented a program of Christmas music in the school auditorium. The choirs were under the direction of William Dowler. Piano accompanists were Evelyn Faust and Dottie Haycook.

Pictured was Marvin Heimlich who had completed basic training conducted by the Armored Division at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Weddings filled the Society page. Noted were the weddings of Gloria Weaver and Robert Williams; JoAnne Curl and John Forbes, and Grace Shaw and Harlan Stock.

Officers elected when the Luther League of St Paul Lutheran Church met included Bob Riggs, as president. Frank Himler was retiring president.

Operators of the Cardington telephone exchange met for a Christmas party in the apartment of the office. Present were Janet Scott, head operator, Mary Wolford, Dorothy Wilson, Hazel Poorman, Evelyn Click, Jean Winchell, Lena Ladd and Lawrence Philbrook, a lineman.

30 years ago, December 22, 1983:

Betty Meir was named treasurer of the Centerburg School District. She was formerly the secretary with the Morrow County Board of Education. She succeeded Robert Mapes at the Centerburg school.

Participating in the Christmas program at Cardington-Lincoln School were these second, third and fourth grade students: Joseph Schoen, Virginia Vaughn, Molly McGinnis, Amy Gandelot, Charles Sterling, Mike Lamson, Jody Showalter, Renee McDonald, Matt Clinger, Cali Patrick, Linda Brake, Joshua Stillings, Katie Peyton, Mike Hall, Niki Lorimer, Nikkie Nye, Reuben Landon and Neil Collins.

The Cardington -Lincoln High School art teacher, Valda Fitzpatrick was introduced. She was born in Poland and raised in Europe. Her nationality was Lithuanian.

Mr. And Mrs. Gottleib Ackerman were celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary.

Members of the kindergarten class at the Cardington pre-school cooperative group were pictured as they studied table manners. Janice Maxwell was hostess and Roger Benson, her assistant. All of the children were waiting until the hostess began to serve. Pictured were Nancy Rinehart, Tommy Fate, Carolyn Cook, Janice Maxwell, Roger Benson, Mary Lou McCutchen, Carol Rhineberger and Julie McAlister. Janet Maxwell was absent. The teacher was Mrs. Floyd Levering.

Carol Bartlett was elected president of the Morrow County 73 CB Club. Jim Good-man was vice president; Letitia Penn, secretary; Eve Foos, treasurer and trustees were Lowell Bartlett, Melvin Woodward and Bill Carr.