Letter to the Editor - Thanksgiving

December 17, 2013

Dear Sir or Madam:

Just wanted to say Kudos to all of those who fought the urge to forget why “Thanksgiving” was initiated in the first place and did not follow the rest of the Lemmings to the Department Stores, in order to save a few dollars and Shame on all of the Lemmings who did.

Couldn’t you have gone for one day out of your busy lives to be with family and friends and thank God, or whichever entity you worship, for the many benefits He (or She) has bestowed on you? There comes a time when Character should win out over greed and self-absorbtion, and I’m very sorry to see so many who seem to be oblivious as to the why we have one day out of the year for that purpose.

America is, as far as I know, the only country that has a special day set aside to give thanks, and if one day is too much to ask, then don’t blame the department stores and the other money changers, the shame is yours alone.

Many will see my views as being Judgemental, but I choose to believe I am not being Judgemental, so much as I am merely trying to preserve a tradition, that along with many other family based traditions, have made America the great and unique country that it is and barring any more movement away from those Traditions, will continue to be.

Thank you,

Darl Mills, Mt. Gilead