Healthy U—Food for Thought

December 17, 2013

Are you willing to… Choose healthy whole grain snacks? Consume calcium-rich foods? Add fruits and vegetables? Create a balanced diet? Drink plenty of water?

This challenge will be posed to students from preschool through high school at Gilead Christian the week of December 16-19. Just prior to Christmas break, agriculture students will be hosting a “focus on food” in cooperation with the Ohio Small Grains Marketing Program. Agriculture students secured a grant from OSGMP from their annual promotion of healthy eating. The following events are scheduled throughout the week:

Monday—Healthy Snack Sampling—Preschool through Pre-K during snack time.

Tuesday—Grab a Healthy Snack—Junior/Senior High –whole grain snacks will be available at 3:00 PM in the school café. Each student will also be given a calendar to log their “devotion” to good snacking during the Christmas break. There will be a reward for students keeping and turning in their record.

Wednesday—Power Up to a Good Breakfast—Junior/Senior High and Staff—we’ll make our own yogurt parfaits with homemade granola and a variety of fruit.

Thursday—Snack Food Science Fair—agriculture lab students have prepared a variety of informational displays about good snacking. Students will have a variety of snacks to sample…and we hope set great habits for the future.

Our hydroponics displays are set up and running in the agriculture classroom. Lettuce is growing. We’ll follow the progress into next year and sample the harvest. Here’s to your health!