Tomorrow Center basketball program entering second year

By Rob Hamilton

December 24, 2013

For the second season, students at The Tomorrow Center in Edison will have the opportunity to participate in basketball.

Susie Sexton, Family and Civic Engagement Coordinator for the school, noted that after having four games last year, they are expecting to play seven, with the first happening Friday morning against a group of recent graduates from Morrow County schools. The teams played three 15-minute quarters before closing with a second contest consisting of two slightly shorter periods.

“We’ll play the Fresh Faith Community Church men’s team and the Men’s Athletic Association of Morrow County,” she said. “Teams of area people.”

Ben Schaad coaches the team and two other school employees, Tracy Smith and Dan Strasser, served as referees on Friday. The team also has its own cheerleaders who also are Tomorrow Center students.

“They’ve been practicing and working,” said Sexton. “The same goes for our cheerleaders.”