Kyle Grossman selected to perform at the Orange Bowl

By LeAnne Gompf

December 31, 2013

On January 3, 2014, during Ohio State Buckeye Appearance for the Orange Bowl, Kyle Grossman will have his final performance with the OSU Marching band and the honor of ‘dotting the I’ during the pre game script Ohio.

Pre game begins at 8:00 pm with kickoff at 8:30 PM. Kyle has made four previous ‘I dots.’ Before the big championship, the sousaphone section in the band held what they refer to as a ‘dot off.’ Each one of the fourth and fifth year members are given the opportunity to go out and ‘dot the I’ in front of the rest of the row and are judged. They get to perform their strut twice and on the second time they play the sousaphone solo.

Once everyone has gone the underclassmen cast a vote. The top four people get to select their ‘dot’ in the order that they were placed. Kyle was lucky enough to get first pick and chose the bowl game on the home side.

He will be dotting with Cody Dewitt.

Congratulation Kyle, represent Morrow County and the “Best Damn Band in the Land” with pride.