Heiden sentenced to ten years in prison in home invasion case.

Photos and Story By Donna Carver

January 7, 2014

The alleged mastermind of a February 2013 home invasion was sentenced to 10 years in prison for aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, and theft of drugs.

Zachary Heiden appeared before Judge Howard Hall with his Delaware Attorney William Leber in Morrow County Common Pleas Court on Tuesday December 31.

Heiden reportedly masterminded the plot involving five others.

On February 2, 2012, Edmund Shaw, Ryan Beach and Scott Hines entered the rural Cardington residence of William Scheffer armed with a shotgun and a rifle. Mr. Scheffer, his mother and a 15 year old developmentally disabled grandson were held at gunpoint for approximately 30 minutes,

According to assistant Morrow County Prosecutor Dave Homer, Heiden knew Scheffer from buying marijuana from him and identified Scheffer as the person to rob. Heiden did not participate because he was known to the victims.

Through phone records, Heiden was shown to be the common thread among the victims and the other people involved.

Homer detailed that Tyler Shadwick was identified as the getaway driver while his girlfriend, Amber Feltner was involved in the planning. Feltner is the only member that has not yet been sentenced. She is scheduled to appear for sentencing on February 7.

The plan was for Shaw, the leader of the group, Beach and Hines to enter the residence, steal marijuana, cash and prescription medications to allegedly fuel their drug habit.

Shaw pled guilty and received a ten year sentence; seven years for aggravated robbery with three years mandatory firearm specification. Beach and Hines each received 8 years, and will apply for judicial release at some time. Shadwick received four years on count one and four years on count two consecutive with community control. After four years he will be eligible to go to a CBCF, Community Based Correctional Facility, a minimum security correctional facility.

According to Morrow County prosecutor Charles Howland, Heiden would not have been convicted if not for the work of Detective Marissa Gibson.

“Detective Gibson figured out the phone records, which showed the connection between the people involved and corroborated the testimony of the witnesses,” Howland said. “It showed the exact nature of the conspiracy and how they aided and abetted each other on going about a mutual goal which was to steal.”

“The prosecutor’s case is only as good as the evidence that he or she has,” Howland added. “The successful prosecution of this case was made possible by detective Bill Foley of the Mt. Gilead Police Department, the quick actions of John Hicks of the Mt. Gilead Police Department, Deputy Joe Gladden who was first on the scene from the Morrow County Sheriff’s Department along with Deputy Chris Smith. Investigatory follow up was outstanding by Sgt. James Ginn of the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office and particular to detective Marissa Gibson of the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office, she was just outstanding in wrapping this case up. We would have never been able to succeed in these prosecutions if it had not been for the hard work, it was constant and ongoing, by those individuals. They deserve the credit.” Said Howland.