Humane Society misnomers

January 7, 2014

Dear Editor,

I have lived in this community for some time now and have witnessed the amazing efforts of the Morrow County Dog Warden and her kennel manager. Their unselfish acts should be a lesson to us all. However, they have a volunteer working with them who has a continuing smear campaign designed to destroy the reputation of another equally hardworking organization. The focus of her libelous behavior is the Humane Society of Morrow County. Her Facebook postings are maliciously defamatory and seem to go unchecked by any of her associates at the dog warden shelter. Perhaps they are guilty by association, perhaps not. For example, during the recent evacuation of the shelter dogs prior to flooding, I witnessed this volunteer talking with a member of the humane society, yet later, when posting about the event on her Facebook page, she claimed to have seen no one from the society except maybe one person driving through the parking lot and not getting out of their car.

She either is ignorant of the identity of people she speaks to or is {not speaking the truth}. Another recent claim made on her Facebook page is that thousands of dollars have been donated to the dog shelter building fund but has been misrouted to the humane society by accident. I would encourage presentation of such facts to prove this scandalous statement. Daresay, I believe she has no evidence of such money being donated anywhere. In that case, her wild accusations are only designed to inflame an already naive public and to farther destroy the reputation of an all-volunteer organization who receives no state or county funds, depends solely on fund-raisers, grants and public donations to persevere in their mission to help ALL the animals of Morrow County, not just the dogs unfortunate enough to find themselves at the dog warden shelter. The website of the humane society states their mission as this: to promote animal welfare, to relieve animal suffering and to educate the public.

What I don’t see there is the commitment to rescuing and adopting unwanted or stray animals in the county; yet there is evidence of this on their website as well as their Facebook page. Many dogs and cats have found loving homes through the workings of the humane society, but there is more to helping animals than finding a place to live. By providing funds for spay or neuter services, they are preventing this situation from happening at all. By hosting the annual rabies & microchip clinic, they are giving animals a chance at disease-free life. By providing pet food to those in need, they are protecting the animals from abandonment to fend for themselves.

Above all, by educating the public, they are helping animals in Morrow County in ways that no one can measure.

I fear that misinformation repeatedly spread by this {shelter} volunteer will undermine the unheralded good deeds done by the humane society, thus ending necessary help to the animals of Morrow County.

L.L.Danz, Marengo