January 14, 2014

Dear Editor,

I think it’s time that we, as a community, a county, for that matter, decide we are not going to accept the lame excuses anymore concerning the dog shelter (aka pound).

Each time it floods, we get upset for a while, then we don’t have anymore flooding for awhile and we settle down until the next time. The reason being we are told the county has no money!

Of course, I’m upset with the commissioners, too! But this type of thinking has gone on for many years in this county, through many sets of commissioners! It’s time for change!

Actually, I’ve never known of the pound to be in any other locations, ever! The original building still remains just north of the current one. It’s a small block building, behind it is archaic “gas chamber-method” was carbon monoxide! Pathetic! At least we now focus on rescue and adoption, with very minimal euthanasias, which are at least humane.

Animals just are not, nor have ever been, a priority in our county! I found this out first hand when I worked very hard, countless hours for the helpless animals of the county as Humane Society president and county humane agent. Now on a personal basis, the support was very minimal from county officials, causing too many cruel and heartless people to not be called into account!

If we have no money for something as important as the lives of countless unfortunate animals for years and years - how then is it the county always seems to have enough to purchase additional properties? There have been some I know in town in recent years.

Here’s an idea! Why not sell the old county home property on the east side of the road? You know, the one where the old historic house and buildings were torn down and buried without ‘we the people’ having any say about it! We don’t need it, but we do need a nice dog shelter/rescue away from the fairgrounds.

I mentioned this last year but why not build next to the jail (I think this was discussed) and have prisoners help out? They could feed, walk, wash dogs. Clean pens and whatever else is necessary. With proper supervision, of course. This would cut down greatly on operation costs and also teach prisoners responsibility and self worth, plus it’s a way for them to give back to society! (Obviously honor prisoners) Last but not least, animals would have a nice, safe place to live and be cared for until they go to their “forever” homes!

I even have a feeling if our system cooperated, there would be many qualified professionals in our community who would help out, such as builders, masons, plumbers, electricians, excavators etc. We have some good ones and good people.

Come on Morrow Co., let’s come together and not let this very important issue die down again, until we lose more precious animals to flooding! It’s just gone on too long! Thanks for listening.

Briefly, I’d like to comment on a recent article concerning pound verses Humane Society. I see it this way. They don’t have to merge. Each should be working towards the same goal and that is to help the helpless abused and neglected animals of the county. Believe me, there are enough to go around. Any legitimate rescue is needed!

Even individuals can help. Keep your eyes open and report any suspicious situations you are aware of!


Loretta A. Holtrey, Mt. Gilead