Letter: President should be impeached

January 21, 2014

Sir or Madam:

I can half way understand why someone would have voted for Mr. Obummer the first time, but considering during his first term how high the Deficit had grown, along with the unemployment stats, I can only say to those who voted for him the second time, “SHAME ON YOU”.

He is a Shameless Socialist who is hell bent on destroying our country.

He believes that since he was elected a second time, he was given a Carte Blanche Mandate and does not have to follow our Constitution. He recently made the asinine statement that if Congress would not go along with what he wanted, he would simply use his pen, signing executive orders and bypassing them.

I am so grateful that our founding fathers had the foresight to design our government with three distinct branches, which doesn’t allow anyone of them to have unfettered control of our government and Country. If allowed, Mr. Obummer and his minions would bring this country under one branch, the Executive branch, which would, in essence, be America’s death sentence.

The Senate Intelligence Committee (which is an oxymoron), a bi-partisan committee, has just released their report stating that the Benghazi Attack was a Terrorist attack and the Whitehouse, as well as the CIA, were aware of it way before Susan Rice and the President himself claimed that it was a spontaneous demonstration caused by an anti-islamic video. Then Hillary had the unmitigated gall to tell one of the families whose family member had been killed in the Benghazi Attack that they would get the guy who made the video and make him pay, knowing full well there was no demonstration caused by his video.

I know if George Bush were President under the same circumstances, he would have been impeached within weeks, if not days, of the attack and I don’t understand why someone doesn’t have the [nerve] to submit a Bill Of Impeachment against Mr. Obummer, in light of how he has attempted to B——-rdize the Constitution by okaying the spying on private citizens’ private emails, allowing the IRS to target folks who’s only crime is that they believe in the Constitution and covering up Benghazi, fearing that he might not be elected if it were discovered.

If anyone deserves to be impeached, it would be Mr. Obummer.

Sincerely, Darl Mills, Mt. Gilead