Edison Village Council seeks grant for park; council position open

By Alberta Stojkovic

January 21, 2014

Three members of the Edison Village Council were sworn in by Village Attorney Denise Martin at their Jan. 13th meeting. The three are returning council members Ruth Davis, Floyd Wogan and Patti Feustal. There is still a vacant council member position open that is an unexpired two-year seat that was held by Penny Lewis.

Jerry Reeder was also sworn in as Street Commissioner and Board of Public Affairs Trustee.

Reeder said that a great deal of salt and grit has already been used this year. The street department has used as much this year in December and the first week of January as in the entire year last year. He said the first order of salt was in too large of pieces and didn’t spread well. This next batch is better and is spreading very well. The council approved Reeder’s request for computer anti-virus not to exceed $100.

Rule changes in the council’s order of business were recommended by Council Member Eldonna McKinniss and were approved.

Council member, Sherry Crawford received information about a grant for the park by the company, Miracle. She will be working on the grant application. Suggestions of possibilities for the grant request included: playground equipment, a picnic pavilion, recreation apparatus, and tables. A walking path was also suggested.

The possibility of looking into other grants from Walmart, Lowes and other companies was also discussed. Sherry will call a meeting for Parks and Recreation so some decisions can be made on a plan. Jerry and Floyd said they will also help on building and construction ideas.

Fiscal officer, Bruce Seaburn presented a summary of fund balance, revenues and expense for 2013. Payment of bills for December was approved for $11,228.95. Payment of January bills to date was approved for $4,158.75.

The next meeting of the Edison Village Council will be Monday, Jan. 27 at 7 p.m. in the Village Municipal Building.