Tomorrow Center elects officers, discusses students issues

By Donna Carver

January 28, 2014

The election of officers and the establishment of set dates and times of regular meetings were the main actions of the January 13, 2014 meeting of the Tomorrow Center Board of Directors.

The Tomorrow Center board members are Carol Kasha-Ciallella, Cheryl Hagerty, Sharla O’Keeffe, Donald Wick and Jenifer Warga.

Elections were held and the following board members were elected to the following offices; president, Cheryl Hagerty, vice president, Jenifer Warga and secretary/treasurer Donald Wick.

The board established the second Monday of the month at 4:00 p.m. as the regular meeting date and time for the Tomorrow Center Board of Directors. All meetings are held at the Tomorrow Center.

Director Seckel shared OGT fall 2013 scores. She stated that she was impressed with the OGT scores and the number of kids that have passed the OGT’s. Seckel also gave student behavior updates noting that two separate incidents where teachers have been assaulted. The teachers are fine and it involved elementary students. One student involved has now withdrawn and they are looking at other learning opportunities for the other student. This noted that this is not common and it will not be tolerated at the Tomorrow Center.

She also shared that the positive behavioral interventions that they use at the school are working especially with the high school students. With the exception of the two incidents previously mentioned the overall incidences are decreasing.

Seckel shared that they are going to try something new for attendance. She stated that she is working with technology coordinator Ryan Curtis to send out an automated attendance announcement not only to parents, but if a child is on probation, which none currently are, the PO will be notified as well as the superintendents of the home school district.

Regular business

The board approved the following standing authorizations for calendar year 2014; Authorization for the treasurer to invest funds at the most productive interest rate whenever inactive funds are available according to law, authorization for the treasurer to pay all bills within the limits of the appropriations resolutions as bills are received in good conditions, authorization for the treasurer to modify fiscal year appropriations as deemed necessary, authorization for the superintendent and/or director to employ temporary personnel as needed. Such personnel are to be presented for approval by the board at the next meeting, authorization for the superintendent and/or director to accept resignation of personnel on behalf of the board of directors. Such personnel will be presented for approval at the next board meeting. Authorization for the superintendent and/or director to serve as purchasing agent for the Tomorrow Center for the 2014caendar year and authorization for the director to apply for federal and state grants appropriate for the Tomorrow Center.

Items of discussion included the Race to the Top grant. Director Karen Seckel shared that this is the last year for this grant and they are meeting all of the goals of the grant. She also discussed the School Improvement Grant. The school is considered “graduates” this year. She noted that there are some loose ends that need taken care of. She explained that the school needs to provide evidence that they are earning the money that they got. There were two minor corrective actions needed; two forms that needed to be filled out in order for the actions to be accepted had not been filled out. This is a minor corrective action and will be taken care of she said.

The next regular board meeting will be Monday February 10, 2014 at 4 p.m.