Cardington BOE: Days-to-hours conversion for next school year will eliminate calamity days

By Evelyn Long

January 28, 2014

This winter, the weather has taken its toll on school closures, which could result in make-up days at the end of the year. But next year will be different.

Cardington-Lincoln Schools Supt. Brian Petrie explained the conversion of days to hours in accordance with ORC 3313.48 starting next year.

“Until the end of this school year, school must have 182 days of instruction,” he told the board when they met on January 13, 2014. “These include two days of Parent-teacher conferences, two days of in-service for teachers and other days, you can get what’s called ‘waiver from instruction for professional development’ - and we scheduled three of those this year, but the last one here in January was canceled. Because it’s treated like a regular instruction day, we won’t know until winter weather clears, because if we miss six or more days, we have to make it up and we would use one of those.”

Petrie said this year Cardington had 175 instructional days and next year they are changing to hours: 910 hours for K- 6 and 1001 hours for grades 7-12.

“If you take our current school year and multiply the number of hours per day out, you can see we exceed that at this point,” Petrie explained. “The school day at the elementary is 5.67 hours and the high school is 6.33 hours; you don’t count lunch. The minimums for next year are 910 hours for K-6 and 1001 for 7-12. If we keep the same exact schedule we will have 1014 hours for K-6 and 1133 for 7-12, meaning we are over by 104 hours for K-6 and 132 hours 7-12.”

He noted calamity days won’t exist anymore and Cardington will be over 18 ½ days for K-6 and 20 days over for grades 7-12, which lifts the pressure off having make up days.

“I’m pretty firm on the fact that instructional time is important - and some may say the days to hours conversion allows the district to reduce the number of days,” Petrie said. “The law dictates, however, this must be decided by the board. I see this as an opportunity for us to differentiate the school days - and this is the discussion we will have planning our calendar. It’s an opportunity for us to create intervention groups and slightly reduce the schedules for those higher achieving students to go to activities outside of school and allow for small group instruction on particular days for students who need that. These things we can discuss when they come up. Our teacher contract is 184 days. If there is discussion for shortening the school year, we are not going to reduce school days for teachers. If we reduce the number of school days for students - you are adding to work days for teachers.”

The law goes into effect July 1. He said he is working with the teachers for a calendar for next year.

Regular Meeting

During the regular meeting, the board approved the December, 2013 financial report which included the payment of bills totaling $812,793.48 written on warrant checks 83775-83876. Board member Kerman abstained because, “there are a lot of numbers here that I need to go through with you at your convenience.”

Supt. Brian Petrie paid compliments to the custodial and maintenance staff for keeping the grounds, drives and walks cleared of snow and in good shape for not only those attending school but also those attending the school functions in the evenings. The staff includes eight people.

Petrie gave an update on the performance audit conducted by the auditor of state and said, “We are still in the process of going through that - we’re getting towards the second half of that. I anticipate sometime in March or April they will make recommendations - we’re not obligated to take action on those - they are taking a hard look at how we do business in everything from transportation to food service to the number of workers in the district. I’ve got to know the gentleman from the auditor’s office very well- it’s a learning process for us - they have cautioned us as far as discussions of some of the conclusions to hold off until the final report. When you keep gathering information it can change the perspective. If there are items to be addressed on the final report, it’s published in the state auditor’s site. If you are interested in seeing what these reports look like you can do a search on the state auditor’s web site and look for the school site. We are very pleased with how the process is going so far.”


The board approved the adjustment of substitute aide rate to $7.95 per hour. Petrie said our former rate of pay was $7.94 per hour.

Also approved was the revised job description of the “Administrative assistant to the Superintendent,” formerly the superintendent’s secretary. Petrie said this description has not changed in 20 years.

The board accepted the resignation of Ryan Maag, fifth grade teacher, effective January 31, 2014. Petrie said he and Mr. Hardwick had decided to finish the year with a substitute.

“I’m sorry to see Mr. Maag go, but I do know he will be very successful with his future endeavors.”

Tutoring by the following individuals for up to four hours per week was approved for Katie Scohy, Diane Tucker, Cindy Huvler, Kathy Gardner, Marie Free, Angie Kasper, Donna Kilgore, Lisa Picou, Marty Barnett and Dionne Lawson. This is effective January 13, 2014 through May 1, 2014.

Board member Davis questioned the cost. Petrie said the total liability would be $11,000 if all of the hours were worked. He said ‘we keep monitoring the budget.’ He stressed the importance of tutoring these students so they can become fourth graders, but he said that on a per pupil basis this is an appropriate way to educate them.

The board gave a second reading to the board policy proposals.

The board approved the consent agenda which employs Tammy Hinkle, Retha Tharp, Diana Keefus and Kristen Foust, as substitute aides; and Diana Keefus as a substitute custodian. Also employed on a supplemental contract was Jack Boulis, pep band.

Petrie discussed the establishment of a scholarship amount for the Margaret Miller Memorial scholarship to be made at the February meeting. He paid tribute to board members as part of school board recognition month. Petrie noted that kindergarten registration will begin early this year, in March.

Board members commenting included Marilyn Davis, who said the Chester Arbor of the Gleaners Fraternal Insurance would be sponsoring the Pleasant Shockers Jump Rope contingent at the Cardington-Lincoln Elementary School Friday, January 31, at 12:50 pm. She also congratulated new board member Vicki Kerman and re-elected board member Pat Clark.

Also commenting were board members Pat Clark, thanking those who voted for her and looking forward to four more years. Vicki Kerman thanked all who voted for her and said, “I’ve never done this before and never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d be here and I want to apologize in advance for any mistakes I make.”

Chuck Jones welcomed new board member Kerman and re-elected board member Clark.

“It’s a new year and a new opportunity to continue the work we are doing,” Jones said.

Clinger welcomed both Clark and Kerman to the board and Clark thanked all who voted for her.

Organizational Meeting

Two members of the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education, elected in November, were given the oath of office when the board held its organizational meeting before the regular board meeting.

Scott Osborne, district treasurer, administered the oath of office to Pat Clark, re-elected, and to Vicki Kerman, elected, both terms beginning January 1, 2014 and ending December 31, 2017.

Continuing the organizational meeting, Chuck Jones was elected board president and Jim Clinger, vice president. Board member Kerman explained she was abstaining from this vote because “as a new board member I don’t feel I’m familiar enough with the characteristics or character of the people being nominated.”

Other organizational business included:

- establishing the time of meetings: 7 pm; place: Cardington-Lincoln High School Library/ Media Center and dates: the second Monday of each month except July.

The board authorized:

Official signatures of Superintendent, treasurer and board president.

The FC Bank, Cardington, was designated the official depository for all school funds

The treasurer and board president were authorized personnel to sign checks.

The treasurer was authorized to request and receive advance payments of local tax monies.

The treasurer was authorized to invest interim funds at the most productive interest rate whenever interim funds are available.

The treasurer was authorized to pay bills as they are presented, provided funds are available with proceedings reported at the monthly board meetings.

The treasurer was also authorized to conduct intra-fund transfers for necessity of maintaining positive balances in fund accounts throughout the year. The board will receive monthly treasurer reports on disbursements.

The superintendent was designated as the official purchasing agent for the district and the building principals as the official purchasing agents for building activity accounts.

The superintendent was authorized to dispose of the district surplus equipment and materials through public sale, as those items become available.

The superintendent was authorized to apply for or grant approval for the application of any federal or state grant monies which may be available to the school district.

The employment of temporary personnel was authorized by the superintendent prior to the next scheduled board meeting for the purpose of maintaining official operations of the district.

The Morrow County Sentinel was authorized as the official publisher of all board of education required public notices.

Jim Clinger was named Legislative/Board Policy Liaison; Vicki Kerman, Business and Finance Liaison; Marilyn Davis, Booster/Parent Organization Liaison; Chuck Jones, Representative to Cardington-Lincoln Athletic Board and Pat Clark, Community Outreach Liaison.

The board approved the tax budget and adopted the procedures to Evaluate the treasurer - CLLS Policy 1330 and approved the Memorandum of Understanding with the Tri-Rivers JVS in accordance with ORC 3311.19 (JVS Board Governance)

Jim Clinger was appointed the Tri-Rivers JVS Representative for Cardington-Lincoln Local Schools.


This meeting of 69 minutes concluded and the board entered into executive session based on ORC 121.22 (G) 1.2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

The 33 minute executive session concluded at 8:40 pm with no more legislation.

The meeting adjourned at 8:41 pm.

The next meeting will be February 10, 2014.