Police arrest 15 at party

By Greg Sowinski

February 10, 2014

LIMA — Police arrested 15 people early Sunday after responding to a complaint of loud music.

The party was reported in the 800 block of West Ashton Avenue. Officers were called at 12:30 a.m. by someone reporting a loud party. Officers responding found the party was actually at 1210 Judith St., Lima police reported.

Approaching officers noticed several people around the home holding open alcohol containers. As officers got closer, several people ran in various directions including some who ran back into the home, police reported.

After some initial questioning by officers, police learned some of the people at the party were not old enough to drink alcohol. Officers charged 15 people with alcohol-related crimes, police reported.

The party also was advertised on social media sites such as Twitter, police reported.

Those arrested were: Nicholas W. Baker, 20, Stratton V. Smith, 19, Nathaniel C. Mladenovic, 20, Sertio Royo, 21, Rafael Salgueiro, 21, Kyle A.M. Barry, 19, Vontrell A. Gayden, 19, Nicholas W. Leary, 20, and Austin M. Lloyd, 19, all of Lima; Tyler D. Baker, 18, of Ada; Kaitlyn C. Tigg, 19, of Van Wert; Jamison C. Inskeep, 19, of Bluffton; Jacob A. Harmon, 19, of Van Wert; Haden N. Clark, 18, of Bluffton; and Dylan M. McGue, 18, of Cridersville.