Regional Planning Commission discusses large lot splits

Story By Donna Carver

February 18, 2014

Members of the Regional Planning Commission were given a review of large lot split size examples at their January meeting.

Dave Gentile presented the information. Creating flag lots just over ten acres with between ten to fifteen feet wide access strips to forty feet wide access strips is undesirable but allowable per current regulations.

Gentile showed examples of what he described as “a bad lot split’. The presentation was in preparation to change the definition and table change for minor subdivision lot splits.

He explained that they can have 200 feet of road frontage and comply with the table however, the table conflicts with the definition if there is a central sewage available which only requires 100 feet. “That is where we need to change.” Said Gentile.

Jennifer Williams explained that the state legislature made some changes in 2007 that allowed for the option of regulation up to twenty acre lot splits. That is what the RPC had recommended, twenty acres, to the former commissioners that were in office at that time. The regulation stated from five to twenty acres and the commissioners approved the recommendation of ten acres. “That is how we ended up with ten acres instead of twenty which is what RPC had recommended.” noted Williams. “Safety is a concern on these flag lots.”

Williams explained that the Subdivision Regulations Committee needed to meet and propose the wording for the chart and the table. Lynn Shinaberry is the chairman of that committee and will schedule a meeting and get back to the full RPC with the resolution.

Member updates: Canaan Township is replacing water pipes in the township hall. The furnace went out during the cold weather and the pipes froze and burst causing approximately $15,000 in damage which is covered by insurance.

2013 Member Attendance Summary: Lynn Shinaberry and Bob Thomas had perfect attendance for 2013. There were 11 meetings. The members who attended the least number of meetings were Mike Park and Floyd Wogan only having attended one meeting for the year. Williams noted that they were still unsure what Peru Township was going to do.

Expiring terms at the end of March include Beal, Kreeger, McElroy, Rogers, Smith, Wogan and Yust.

Subdivision Regulations Committee appointment: Lynn Shinaberry is the chair; other members include John Yust, Darlene McElroy, Molly Barnes and April Appleman. Appleman is no longer on RPC so that position needs filled. Bob Thomas said that he would do it. A motion was made and properly seconded to appoint Bob Thomas. The motion passed.

Staff Report: November there were 6 lot splits and total income $250.00 some of which was deposited in December. December income was $2000 and four lot splits. Expenses for November were $1288.32 and Dec. was$1277.97. End of year expenses totaled $20839.60. End of Year income was $21,932.55 and ending balance of $32,687.25. Total lot splits for the year was 80, ten more than the previous year surpassing the budgetary goal.

The next scheduled meeting is February 26, 2014 at 7 p.m. at the Community Services building.