Cardington Junior High students enjoy first year robotics program

By Evelyn Long

February 18, 2014

Jodi Adams, Robotics Club Advisor at Cardington-Lincoln Junior High School, describes the students in the Robotics Club as “amazing, insightful and very intelligent children.”

This is the first year for the junior high school students to participate in the VEX Robotics competitions, noted Adams, who said VEX Robotics is a platform used to enrich and enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills.

Helping to launch the program, Adams obtained grant monies and material donations from Ritch Ramey of Tri-Rivers.

“We have been fortunate to have students like Alicia McElwee, who gave up their own time to go to training last summer and then came in this school year and helped lead our Robotics team to success,” said Adams. “We have had an over whelming response of student interest with more than 30 students who belong to the Cardington Robotics Club which is looking to grow and filter into the high school.

This will allow us to continue to give our students every opportunity for a successful future.”

Adams added “This club along with the opportunity to be a part of Project Lead the Way (PLTW) for 7-12 classes helps to keep Cardington attractive to our students, motivating them to focus on future careers in engineering fields.”

The key parts of this program are: STEM focused, engineering careers, programming robots to move, building robots that perform tasks, learning to collaborate with classmates and students from other schools.

More can be learned bout VEX at or just google VEX Robotics competition.

Referring to this group of students, Adams summed up saying “I am blessed to be a part of (this club) and for the opportunity to work with them.”

Club members are Owen Ames, McKenzie Blake,Kirsten Bonnette, Sage Brannon, Faith Bruns, Bryna Chandler, Paige Clinger, Maxton Congrove, Mark Crum, Skyler Deascentis, Hannah Finical, Kyley Gingras, Caitlyn Hand, Christian Hand, Jared Haught, Devin Jackson, Caitlyn Lee Rosch, Megan Leonard, Mayson Martin, Alicia McElwee, Kameron McQullen, Kyle Munday, Gregory Osborne, Dalton Purtee, Nicholas Ray, Lesley Reed, Caleb Rhoads, Kesia Scurlock, Kiara Skaggs, Lucian Speck,Kyle Snyder, Mason Trevino, Kelly Waddell, Sarah Waters, Laynee Wilson, Kaitlin Wuertz and Maxwell Yocco.

Adams is GTT/Critical Thinking teacher and Science Department Chair in addition to being the Robotics Club advisor.