Job interview and speaking contest for FFA held

Written by Kendra Hartman Chapter Reporter

February 18, 2014

On January 30th 2014, Mount Gilead FFA members went to Highland to compete in the county Job Interview and Speaking contest. The students that competed in the Job Interview contest were: Kendra Hartman, Samantha Appleman, Andrew Evans, Tyler Beck, and Levi Ridenour. In Division 3- Junior, Kendra placed 4th and Levi placed 6th. Tyler placed 3rd in Division 3 and qualified for the Sub-district contest. In Division 4-Senior, Andrew Evans placed 7th and Samantha Appleman placed 1st qualifying for sub-districts as well. Two members competed in the speaking contest. Tylee Kidwell and Kayla Lavender competed in the Creed Contest. Kayla placed 5th and Tylee placed 4th qualifying for districts.

On February 4th the members that qualified, went to Cardington for the sub-district contest. Tyler Beck placed 4th in his age group for Job interview. Samantha Appleman placed 5th in her age group for Job interview. Tylee Kidwell placed 5th for the Creed speaking contest. Great Job everyone! Way to make MG FFA proud!