Letter: Representation starts at the local level

March 4, 2014

Dear Editor:

Inspired by recent events and the writings of a few of my fellow citizens; I’ve began attending the meetings of the local Tea Party. It is good to hear people speak and share their individual concerns regarding a government that is no longer representative of them. I appreciate people who are concerned enough to study the problems and take appropriate action in the efforts to correct them.

Over a dozen years have passed since I let go of the illusion that my State and Federal governments were representative of me. I did maintain hope that I might still be adequately represented on the local level, but that illusion too would eventually pass.

A friend of mine speaks frequently about our individual sphere of influence. How we have the greatest impact on that which is closest to us. It holds true with our family, our friends, in our homes and in our neighborhoods. Positive or negative; what we tolerate, we encourage.

At the last Tea Party meeting; I asked how many present involved themselves with local politics. I was sadly disappointed by the lack of response. I whole heartedly agree that I need to remain vigilant and actively vocal in regard to my State and Federal government. However; I believe the way to achieve the best representation at those levels is to become vigilant and actively vocal on the local level.

This is where I live. Within my sphere of influence; what I tolerate, I encourage.

Regards, Darin Seiber,

Canaan Township