Cardington Library gets Early Literacy Computer Station

By Evelyn Long

March 11, 2014

Youngsters who patronize the Cardington Public Library can access a whole new world of fun and education with the arrival of the Early Literacy Computer Station.

It features more than 50 educational programs and over 500 activities for children between the ages of three and eight, and address the seven core curriculum areas of reading, writing, phonics, math and problem solving as well as Science, Social Studies, Arts and Music. The programs feature well-known children’s characters such as Dora the Explorer and the characters of Sesame Street. The touch screen allows for an interactive and fun educational experience for children.

Andy Bartlett, the Youth Services Librarian, said ” We’re very excited about this. It’s a really neat way for kids to help build upon their literary skills and allow them to have fun while doing it.”

He added that so far, parents have received the new computer very positively.

The station was made possible courtesy of the Peoples Fund of Morrow County Consolidated Electric. “We appreciate their financial contribution which funded it entirely,” said Bartlett, who invites parents to “bring your child in to the library to practice important academic skills and to have fun while doing it.”