Cardington to purchase welcome signs for village

By Evelyn Long

March 11, 2014

During the 25 minute meeting of Cardington Village Council on March 3, 2014, members agreed to purchase banners to be hung in the downtown section of the village. The banners which will welcome visitors will be custom designed stating “Welcome to Cardington” with a photo of the park’s log cabin in the center.

They will be red with white print. The four banners will cost $844. Council approved the purchase on the condition that a check is made to see if they can be purchased from a local source for the same price with the same quality of material. The banners would be hung for the spring, summer and fall months.

In other matters, council approved the payment of bills totaling $15,027.06. Deb Fry, fiscal officer, noted the Operator Training Committee payment is for the annual Water and Wastewater training in Columbus on March 4-5th. This payment was for $855. She also noted Ringlers invoices, which reflected amounts for hauling seven loads, $1,041.00 and T & M Service, $95, for pesticide training for T. Edgell on March 9 and utility bills for the village totaled $1,609.69.

Fry noted the UAN conversion is complete and the 2013 year end report has been electronically submitted as of Monday, February 24, 2014.

Police Chief John Hinton said the department has taken 183 calls for service thus far this year compared to 185 calls at this time last year. The department continues its investigation into a break in at an abandoned building in the village. Four search warrants were served involving this case. Additional search warrants were served involving the drug cases from January and on February 27 there was a theft at the Duke Station. Officer Smales investigated this case and issued a citation to the suspect.

A notation from Mayor’s court clerk, Rosanne Denty, informed council she is working with Jim Dietz, village solicitor, to collect past monies owed mayor’s court . It was noted some of these cannot be collected but others can and that will be determined by the solicitor and the magistrate. It was reported that one person came in to pay his fine from 2000.

Council approved the appointment of Mayor Susie Peyton and Fiscal Office Deb Fry to the Tax Incentive Review board.

Absent from this meeting was councilwoman Sherry Graham, who was excused.

Council will meet next on March 17, 2014 at 7 pm.