Cardington seniors hear about LMC activities

By Evelyn Long

March 11, 2014

When the Cardington seniors met February 28 at the Senors on Center, the guest speakers were Jessica McCallum, program director at the Lutheran Memorial Camp and Nathan Hackman, apprentice to Outdoor Ministries, who described the camp’s activities with focus on the making of maple syrup.

They said that any tree could be tapped and syrup made but maple will have highest sugar content. It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.

The process, they revealed, starts with drilling a hole that is one and one half to two inches in the tree. This depth doesn’t hurt the tree and the hole heals over after

the tap is removed. They noted it is best to drill between 12 noon and 2 pm when the sap flows sooner and sometimes immediately. A spile is put in the drilled hole and sap comes out of it into the bucket. The spile has a hook on which the buckets are hung and the bucket has a filter inside with a lid on top to keep out the bugs, bark and animals.

The trees are tapped on the south and west sides as the sun makes sap flow better.

Sap will run from noon to 10 pm. They noted the sap is best from te first of February to the first two weeks in March. The temperature should be below freezing at night and above freezing during the day.

Sap is taken to the evaporator and boiled one week to remove the water. The camp uses the traditional method of collecting sap in buckets. Sap is also collected using

the newer method of connecting the taps on each tree with the tubing and collecting in a vat.

All syrup made at the LMC is used in their kitchen.

They explained the different programs including the Maple Syrup Festival held on the second Sunday in March. This event provides money for children without finances to attend camp. Anyone wanting to help with this or to inquire about volunteer opportunities at camp, are asked to call 419-864-8030.

The camp is open from 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday. The community is invited to visit during this time for walking or picnics. A bird watching station is also available.

Giving the devotions at this meeting was Pastor Lamb-Hart, who based them on Lent. He talked of having to “give up” something for Lent and suggested instead “giving up” something we think of what we are adding to our lives. This can be a time to start new activity and this can lead to “your shining in the darkness.”

Shirley Robinson, president, conducted this meeting during which the secretary and treasurer reports were given.

Linda Ruehrmund distributed printed information about Morrow County Developmental Disabilities including the Whetstone newsletter. Please contact them if you have a group they can talk to about their work on the upcoming levy.

Birthday greetings were sung to Pam Keckler.

The seniors will meet next on Friday, March 28, at noon at the Seniors on Center with the lunch catered by Morrow County Hospital. The cost of the lunch is $5.

The menu includes fish almondine, baked potato, vegetable medley and cake.

Reservations should be called to the Senior Center Monday, March 24, and they will be accepted until noon on Thursday, March 27. If there is a need to cancel this reservation, it should be made by calling the center by noon Thursday, March 27. Seniors on Center can be reached at 419-946-4191.