All-league teams have been announced by Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference

March 11, 2014


The Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference recently announced its all-league teams for the various winter sports. In boys’ basketball, four local players earned first-team honors in Cardington’s Tyler Dornon, Highland’s Jett Swetland, Xavier Harris of Mount Gilead and James Donner of Northmor.

Both Northmor’s Shelbie Wiseman and Cardington’s Kaitlyn Kavanaugh were picked to the first team in girls’ basketball from Morrow County.

In wrestling, the top three placers in each weight class were named to the all-league team, with champions being first team, second-place finishers getting second team and honorable mention going to third place finishers. Highland’s Mike Stewart and Ed Kontul, as well as Northmor’s Jamie Baldridge, were Morrow County’s first-team wrestlers.

In boys’ bowling, Devin Schoelkopf, Will Schindley and Gaige Goodman, all from Highland, were named to the first team, as was Cardington’s Jacob Long.

Four Cardington players made the first team in girls’ bowling in Morgan Walker, Taylor Diamond, Lexia Wilson and Lindsey Gilmore. Also making the first team was Mischelle McCoy of Mount Gilead.

Following are the complete MOAC all-conference teams.

Boys’ Basketball Blue Division

First Team: Tyler Dornon, Cardington; Tyler Stoyle, Centerburg; Michael Miller, Fredericktown; Jett Swetland, Highland; Xavier Harris, Mount Gilead; James Donner, Northmor.

Second Team: Mitchell Yake, Cardington; Clayton Schaefer, Centerburg; Austin Hathaway, Fredericktown; Daniel Donner, Northmor; Curtis Belcher, Highland; Jason Ellis, Ridgedale.

Honorable Mention: Cole Hess, Cardington; Colton Long, Centerburg; Kirk Manns, Fredericktown; Ryan Burt, Highland; Chris Godfrey, Mount Gilead; Gunnar Lilly, Northmor; Nate Gordon, Ridgedale.

Boys’ Basketball Red Division

First Team: Aaron Malley, River Valley; Brandon Allen, North Union; Trey Pugh, Jonathan Alder; Austin Terrill, North Union; Hayden Stofcheck, North Union; Ryan Maniaci, Pleasant.

Second Team: Kyle Mathey, River Valley; Cantyn Bellmer, Elgin; Hayden Hess, Jonathan Alder; Drew Garverick, Pleasant; Hunter Burnett, Fairbanks; Jesse Tomlinson, Buckeye Valley.

Honorable Mention: Danyon Hempy, River Valley; Zane Burris, Pleasant; Nate Curts, North Union; Andrew Koenig, Jonathan Alder; Cole Cocherl, Elgin; Mitch Rotondo, Buckeye Valley; Jacob Adkins, Fairbanks.

Girls’ Basketball Blue Division

First Team: Kendall Compton, Centerburg; Emily Williams, Fredericktown; Katie Meadows, Ridgedale; Brooke Mattix, Ridgedale; Shelbie Wiseman, Northmor; Kaitlyn Kavanaugh, Cardington.

Second Team: Arielle Anderson, Ridgedale; Faithe Carr, Centerburg; Taylor Dudley, Centerburg; Kyndall Williams, Northmor; Macy Earnest, Fredericktown; Katie Ruhl, Fredericktown.

Honorable Mention: Carlee Blair, Ridgedale; Allysen Smith, Cardington; Miranda Martindale, Centerburg; Julie Gable, Fredericktown; Allie Tupps, Northmor; Lexi Winkelfoos, Highland; Selina Mulkey, Mount Gilead.


First Team: Jordan Anthony, Buckeye Valley; William Law, River Valley; Mike Stewart, Highland; Ethan Ice, Pleasant; Bret Yutzy, Jonathan Alder; Dashawn Haynes, Buckeye Valley; Jamie Baldridge, Northmor; Collin Rollison, River Valley; Ben Kidwell, Buckeye Valley; Jared Pack, Centerburg; Jordan Hale, River Valley; Austin Guthrie, River Valley; Troy Caldwell, Jonathan Alder; Ed Kontul, Highland.

Second Team: Kyle Davis, Pleasant; Brock Moreland, Mount Gilead; Carson Mills, Fredericktown; Luke Hutchinson, Mount Gilead; Kyle Blanton, Mount Gilead; Lane Waddell, Cardington; Efren Silva, River Valley; Chet Backiewicz, Centerburg; Cody Ross, Northmor; Colton Jenkins, Cardington; Zach Baker, Highland; Kyle Johnson, Northmor; Dustin Baker, Highland; David Praul, Buckeye Valley.

Honorable Mention: Sterling Edler, River Valley; Javier Cornell, Fredericktown; Chance Haynes, Buckeye Valley; James Eppich, Centerburg; William Thatcher, Centerburg; Jake Farley, Northmor; Austin Glasscock, Centerburg; Tre Wells, Pleasant; Corbin Bunsold, North Union; Jim Brittsan, Buckeye Valley; Dillon Carmean, North Union; Milan Pozderac, Fredericktown; Brandon Cox, North Union; Derek Ridder, Jonathan Alder.

Boys’ Bowling Blue Division

First Team: Devin Schoellkopf, Highland; Will Schindley, Highland; Caleb Osborne, Ridgedale; Gaige Goodman, Highland; Will Pierce, Ridgedale; Jacob Long, Cardington.

Second Team: D.J. Copley, Highland; Liam Chandler, Cardngton; Isaiah Whitt, Highland; Justin Dixon, Mount Gilead; Austin Edgell, Cardington; Donovan Goff, Mount Gilead.

Honorable Mention: Johnny Wilhelm, Cardington; Blake Dennis, Ridgedale; Josh Steuer, Ridgedale; Ian Clouse, Ridgedale; Andrew Yarnell, Northmor; Chase Hicks, Cardington.

Boys’ Bowling Red Division

First Team: Andy Davis, Buckeye Valley; Nathan Whiting, Jonathan Alder; Kyle Hall, Elgin; Nathan Yoder, Jonathan Alder; Jordan Johnson, Elgin; Leo Wells, Buckeye Valley.

Second Team: David Adkins, Jonathan Alder; Nick Cooper, Buckeye Valley; Jimmy Davis, Buckeye Valley; Ryan Bakies, Elgin; Braden Terry, Buckeye Valley; Broderick Besinger, Jonathan Alder.

Honorable Mention: Jorden Greene, North Union; Kyle Moore, Elgin; Chris Landon, Pleasant; James Snyder, Elgin; Brandon McComas, North Union; Justin Snyder, Elgin.

Girls’ Bowling Blue Division

First Team: Morgan Walker, Cardington; Taylor Diamond, Cardington; Lexia Wilson, Cardington; Autumn Napper, Ridgedale; Mischelle McCoy, Mount Gilead; Lindsey Gilmore, Cardington.

Second Team: Ashley Koob, Highland; Kayla Eubanks, Cardington; Tristan Welch, Highland; Lauren Miller, Mount Gilead; Cassie Brant, Highland; Ciaara Moore, Northmor.

Honorable Mention: Cheyenne Fleming, Mount Gilead; Autumn Wagner, Ridgedale; Hailey Howard, Highland; Kathryn Hile, Northmor; Brooke Bullock, Ridgedale; Caitlin Adkins, Northmor.

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