This Week at the Park for March 19, 2014

March 18, 2014

More signs of spring are beginning to appear with some green plant shoots and a few redwing black birds and buzzards returning. Salamanders will be trekking to vernal pools for mating and egg laying on the first rainy nights when the temperature is around 40 degrees F. Skunk cabbage is up and Hepatica and blood root will soon follow. They are two of our most beautiful wild flowers, but are short lived, so be on the watch for them.

“wee” Discover preschool begins at the Mount Gilead State Park on Thursday, April 3 with a morning session at 10:15 AM and a repeat program at 12:45 PM. Three through five year olds experience and learn about nature through short hikes, books and hands-on activities. Songs, stories and take home projects will also be part of the program which will be held each Thursday through May 29th.

There is no preregistration or fee and the group will meet at the Nature Center or at the main shelterhouse when there is a large number of children.

Schedules for summer programs are available and may be picked up at the Nature Center or the Welcome Center. They will also be available in the park’s display at the Farmer’s Share Breakfast at Cardington High School on Saturday March 22.

The Lion’s Club and the Community Center will be hosting the annual Egg Hunt at the park on April 12 at 10 a.m.

Thank you to the people who made donations to the Friends of the Park and the Nature Center in memory of Geneva Brown.

Jack Robertson was enthusiastic about promoting park programs and activities on his Mount Gilead website and we send heartfelt sympathy to his family.