Ronald McDonald visits Mount Gilead for “McTeacher’s Night”

By Alberta Stojkovic

March 25, 2014

Ronald McDonald delighted lots of boys and girls at the Mount Gilead McDonalds Restaurant when he stopped in to help Cardington Junior High teachers raise some funds for a project last Tuesday.

McDonalds new General Manager, Deidre McCotter said this is a community fundraiser that works by giving 15 percent of the dollars raised during the evening for a special cause. In this case it is for the Cardington Junior High “End of the year dance.” By 7:30 Tuesday evening the amount earned for Cardington Junior High was $184.00.

McTeacher’s Night is a popular fundraising program for McDonald’s restaurants. The way it works is that teachers, students, parents and friends are invited to their local McDonald’s to “work” and raise money for a designated school cause. In this case it was for the Cardington Junior High End of School Dance. Monies can also go for band uniforms, band equipment, theater needs or whatever the school decides. Other schools interested in having a fundraiser at McDonald’s can contact their local McDonald’s manager.

Tuesday night teachers and school staff greeted McDonald’s customers, helped carry trays to tables and got out crayons and coloring sheets for children.

Cardington teachers thanked McDonald’s Manager, Deidre McCotter for sponsoring the event.