Lift-a-thon a success for the Morrow County Community Center

April 8, 2014

By Alberta Stojkovic

Thirteen athletes lifted a total of 10,375 pounds in the first Morrow County Community Center Lift-a-thon two weeks ago. The events included Squat Lift, Bench and Dead Lift. They raised more than $2,000 in the fundraiser through pledges per pound of weight lifted. Through their efforts the weight lifters were able to purchase a Rogue Power Rack with pull-up bars, weights and bench for the Community Center.

Three women competed in the Women’s Division including: Lamara Rogers, Sarah Barnes and Rachel Ambler. Rogers won the Squat Lift with 215 lbs. and Bench Lift with 145 lbs. while Sarah Barnes had the best Dead Lift with 205 lbs. Most Total pounds lifted went to Rogers with 560 lbs., second went to Sarah Barnes with 515 lbs. and third to Rachel Ambler with a total of 375 lbs.

Ten competed in the Men’s Division — they included: Alan Wickware, Mason Mauldin, James Ross, Sam Neer, Eugene Ambler, Nick Schofield, Jerme Williams, Alex Keefus, Zach Chubb and Jonathan Naylor.

Best Squat Lift went to Jerme Williams with 475 lbs. and second place went to Alex Keefus with 375 lbs. Best Bench Lift went to Alex Keefus with 315 lbs. Nick Schofield tied with Jerme Williams for second in Bench Lift with 275 lbs. Eugene Ambler and Jonathan Naylor came in a close third with 265 lbs. in Bench Lift. Best Dead Lift went to Jerme Williams with 475 lbs. Jonathan Naylor and Nick Schofield tied for second in Dead Lift with 425 lbs. Best total went to Jerme Williams with 1,225 lbs. Second highest in Total lbs. went to Alex Keefus with 1,055 and third to Jonathan Naylor with 1,045 lbs. while Nick Schofield got fourth place in Total pounds lifted with 1,005 lbs.

Morrow County Community Center Director Eugene Ambler thanked all who donated to sponsor the athletes. He was very pleased by the way the community supported the event and pleased with the athletes’ efforts. He also gave recognition to Nick Schofield who made a “plyobox” for explosive jumps and movements. The athletes hope this is the first of many Lift-a-thons for the Community Center.