Columbus Division announces store-wide price reductions

April 8, 2014

COLUMBUS, OH (March 28, 2014) – Kroger’s Columbus Division has announced a comprehensive price reduction plan, investing millions of dollars to reduce prices across the store. Kroger merchandisers started cutting even more prices March 3, and all new low prices will officially be in place by April 2. This will include the Mt. Gilead store.

The Kroger team carefully selected items that are frequently found in most customers’ shopping carts to ensure all customers would benefit from the price reductions over time.

Kroger is reducing a significant number of produce prices. These lower prices also will encourage customers to increase the amount of healthy, nutritious produce in their diet.

The program includes a significant number of lower prices in natural foods and organics, reinforcing a rapid increase in natural foods sales over the last decade. Natural foods sales have more than doubled at Kroger stores in the last four years. That trend accelerated with the highly successful launch of the Simple Truth line of products, a Kroger exclusive. Kroger is rewarding natural foods and organic customers as part of this initiative.

Other savings programs continue, including: $4/$10 generic prescriptions, fuel rewards up to $1.00 per gallon, digital coupons, loyalty mailers and weekly specials

As part of this investment in lower prices for all customers, Kroger’s Columbus Division has made the decision to stop doubling coupons effective Thursday, May 1, 2014. Kroger stores in the region will continue to accept manufacturer coupons, valid printables and valid electronic coupons at face value. In the Columbus Division, less than 2% of all customers are what Kroger categorizes as “heavy coupon users,” and 86% of customers are not even using double coupons at all.

“Double coupons originated decades ago, in an era when none of the current online and electronic coupon options were available to customers and smartphones did not exist,” said Jackie Siekmann, spokesperson for Kroger’s Columbus Division. “Kroger will continue to evolve to meet the expectations of 21st century shoppers.”

Kroger’s investment in lowering thousands of prices for all customers will total at least three times the value currently received by a very small number of customers by doubling coupons.