Badge collector seeks info on Morrow County piece bound for D.C. museum

By Randa Wagner

April 11, 2014

4.11.14 - There’s a story behind every badge, and Ben Harroll is looking for the tale behind a piece from Morrow County.

Harroll, Founder & Curator of the P.I. Museum in San Diego, California, has four-decade collection of detective, spy and private-eye memorabilia.

“I recently acquired a badge from Morrow County, Ohio with a name on it, and I was hoping to get some information on it,” he explained in a phone call Monday.

The name on the badge reads “L.Price.”

“She was a probation officer, then she was what’s called a ‘divorce investigator,’” Harroll said. “I had never heard of that title before. I think she got that badge in the 1970’s.”

Harroll said the museum collection is huge and he is getting ready to donate it to the National Law Enforcement Museum in Washington D.C.

“I’m 72 and it’s time to pass on all these items I’ve enjoyed collecting and using to learn about my profession,” he said. “This will be my legacy to the profession. I like to put display cards along with the item and I thought, wow, I’ll bet this woman has story. She probably had a very interesting life.”

Those with information that would be helpful to Harroll can email him at or call 1.619.239.699. The virtual interactive museum’s website is