LEtter: Vote “YES” for the 21st Century Work Forces

April 15, 2014

To the Editor-

Vote “YES” for the 21st Century Work Forces: Support the Tri-Rivers Levy Renewal

AMAZING!! This is a word often used to describe the high expectations of students attending the Tri-Rivers Career Center. Superintendent Speelman, his administrators, teachers, support staff and the communities of Tri-Rivers continue to be a team working to provide a career center where students are inspired and expected to be ”Amazing!” Since 1976, our Career Center has worked to create an atmosphere conducive to learning and job training in a variety of occupations that are ever changing. The investments of the past 38 years need to be protected and should be further enhanced as the job markets of the United States continue to grow into a global economy.

As a substitute teacher for the career center, I have had the good fortune to witness a dedicated team of teachers and support staff working daily to develop the next generation of a skilled work force in the United States. As a former Industrial Technology Teacher, I continue to follow reports noting Occupational Job Trends of the future so students can be counseled in a direction for the best employment opportunities. According to the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services workers with higher levels of education and training will have more options in the job market and better prospects for obtaining higher paying jobs than less educated individuals. Additional information regarding the demographics of jobs in Ohio can be obtained through the following web search .

The Tri-Rivers Career Center is preparing our students for the job markets of the 21st century. During the month of May everyone in the Tri-Rivers area should consider supporting the ideals of developing an Amazing Work Force for the future by voting “YES” for the Tri-Rivers Career Center Levy Renewal. Let us give our own students the best chance for success.


Richard Fryman, Cardington