Letter: 4H a part of life

April 15, 2014

To the Editor,

From the time I was a baby, I have been part of the Morrow County Fair and its 4-H programs. I’ve learned so much about life growing up around the fair. Raising an animal and taking it to the fair is hard work and it made me develop a sense of pride in what I do. I believe this has enabled me to excel in life as a young adult. It became apparent to me in college that many other people my age are used to having life handed to them. Trust me, a fair pig will not hand you anything easy when it finds where the gate to the show arena is.

As our world becomes less in touch with agriculture it is imperative that our community holds on to the agricultural way of life. There are many kids that I went to school with that did not actively participate in FFA or 4-H. However, being exposed to the kids that were involved in those organizations allowed them to have an understanding that a pork chop comes from a pig like the one Wayde took to the fair. Obviously, 4-H benefits the members that are directly involved, but it also benefits each person in the area.

The Morrow County 4-H program is, in my opinion, something that MUST continue to be funded in order to ensure that the youth of our community learns the same valuable life lessons that I did. They have without a doubt helped me to become a better person, both in the workplace, and outside of it. It also indirectly has a positive impact on nearly every single child we raise in the community.

Please support the renewal of the extension levy. It is an investment in our future. The extension programs have made a massive stamp on my life and I hope it can continue to do the same to others. Vote “YES” for the Morrow County Extension Service Levy.

Wayde Looker, Fredericktown