Revenue and audit process lead Cardington Council discussion


April 15, 2014

Fiscal Officer Deb Fry gave a comprehensive report on the village’s finances when Cardington Village council met in regular session on April 7.

Following approval of the payment of bills totaling $20,140.21, she said there was still no word on the scheduled date of the pre-audit conference or audit process.

“When talking to the local government audit services rep, I did find that effective 1/1/14, the regions were redistributed adding more locations to each audit team and the one scheduled for our village has undergone some employee transitions,” Fry said. She has completed the UAN progress update - both January and February. Her goal is to be completely current by the end of April.

Following an in depth discussion, council approved an ordinance re-establishing and confirming the petty cash fund for the village, authorizing a supplemental appropriation.

The village summary of revenue for March, 2014 totaled $445,549.92. Interest earned on primary and savings account was $792.93. Mayor’s court total revenue for March, 2014 was $5,677.50.

Council also approved a resolution authorizing the village administrator to execute the March 2014 memorandum of understanding with the Morrow County Commissioners with respect to the Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Grant Program and to assign the authority to abate said nuisance to the Morrow County Commissioners. This authorizes the village administrator to complete and execute on behalf of the village a memorandum of understanding with the Morrow County Commissioners regarding its Moving Ohio forward Demolition Grant

Program and specifically the inclusion of village properties at 318 West Main Street and 200 Nichols Street.

Police Chief John Hinton reported his department had taken 279 calls for service

this year compared to 280 calls at this time last year. He noted the 2010 cruiser had been taken to Matthews Ford in Marion to have sway bar bushings installed.

The same cruiser also received new tires from Mathews’ Marathon and underwent an alignment from Glendale.

The 2008 cruiser received new tires from Mathews Marathon and it was taken to Wheels to Work on County Road 9 for an oil leak. He said a report had been taken on a report of horses in the roadway at Railroad and Williams Streets. Also, one of the local banks had received two $20 counterfeit bills.

Council approved a $500 donation to the Cardington Beautification Committee for the planting of flowers in the village.

Village Administrator Danny Wood said the bid process had begun for street paving.

Village Manager Fry said they have been notified by the Morrow County United Way chairman, Jodi Hayes, regarding an event called United Way Care and Share

Day. This is an event where volunteers come into a community and will assist with various clean up projects. One of the goals of the United Way is to reach out more into Morrow County - now Cardington. This event will be held June 25, 2014.

A Business After Hours is being planned for the village and it will be hosted by Lea Ann Maceyko at the Maceyko Tax office.

Mayor Susie Peyton said the Subway Open house went well on Saturday, April 5.

Council adjourned the one hour meeting at 8 pm. A work session followed.

Council will meet next on April 21, 2014 at 7 pm