A Glance back in time from the pages of the Morrow County Independent for April 23, 2014

April 22, 2014

100 years ago, April 30, 1914:

“Madison Sherman, driver for the Wilcox livery barn, had a runaway Thursday night. He had hauled a load of household goods from Bucyrus and in making a turn to go to the livery barn after unloading at the Chas. Steffey home, he was thrown out on the brick paving and badly hurt. The horse in making the turn at the R. F Chase home, upset the wagon and dragged it on its side for a square before being stopped at the M. E. Church corner. The top of the covered wagon was completely demolished.”

A daughter, Thelma Mary, was born April 21 to Mr. And Mrs. Albert P Ruehrmund of Columbus.

“Sheriff Wieland has offered his services to Gov Cox stating that he would enlist for the Mexican War if wanted. The sheriff was captain of th Co E 14th O.N.G, a number of years ago.”

“Assessor Dell Thompson made his report a few weeks ago. The official figures from the tax commissioners in the various townships has not been given out but the gain of personal property in Cardington corporation will be about $55,000.”

“Cardington high school base ball team defeated the St. Mary’s Catholic school team of Marion Saturday by a score of eight to six. The Cardington team will play a return game at Marion Saturday.”

Cardington school commencement was set for May 22. Final examinations had been given. Class members were Sylvia Allegree, Robert Burke, Frank Barry, Esther Curtis, Harry George, David Howard, Jesse Ireland, Josephine Kahnheimer, May Ossing, Carl Renz, Delphia Rogers, Rose Shaw, Elizabeth Smith, Joseph Sells and Rodney Willits.”

Roy Foust recently caught a large carp in Shaw Creek which measured 19 inches.

“A cat stole a ride for a number of miles on train No 45 Tuesday evening. The conductor noticed the cat perched on the outside of the engine when the train left Cleveland and it rode all the way to Galion.”

Marjory Ellen Newcomer, weight ten pounds, was born April 23 to Mr. And Mrs. Virgil Newcomer. The young mother was formerly Miss Ethel Vail.

Fred Huebner is proud of a fine colt from his standard mare, Bessie Garver.

90 years ago, April 24, 1924:

By actual count, 4449 automobiles passed through Cardington on the state road last week from 7 o’clock Monday morning until 12 o’clock Sunday night. The week was a dull one, the weather being cold and rainy. All but an average of five cars a day were Ohio cars, the through travel being light at this season.”

“Saturday afternoon, the writer, an observer for the Independent, noticed on the streets of Cardington a young lady garbed in the latest fashion and carrying what is common- ly called, a cane but which, in society as this one was is known as a swagger stick. We have read in the newspapers that canes were “the thing” for young ladies to carry but this was the first one we have seen although we have been expecting it for some time along with bobbed hair and high or boyish like in the back, this style has not yet hit Cardington, in addition to the boyish suits which the stores

are now showing. We have seen old ladies carrying canes but never before a young lady strutting a walking stick and we can’t imagine what they are for unless it be for protection from the two forward young man.”

60 years ago, April 22, 1954

The entire 241 miles of the Ohio turnpike is scheduled to be open for traffic by October 1, 1955.”

“Mr and Mrs Frank Itts and daughter Cynthia of Youngstown, were Thursday to Monday guests in the home of Mr. And Mrs. D. D. Dunham. John Dunham of Ohio State University came Friday in his parent’s home.”

A barn dance was being held at the Cardington School auditorium with music by the YZ combo. Admission was 75 cents.

The RRR Restaurant on Route 42 had its Sunday menu in an ad with baked chicken dinner at $1.25 and a 10 oz T Bone steak dinner at $2.00. Elinor and Andy were the owners.

Two ornamental lights were placed at the steps of the walks leading to the west and center entrances of the Cardington school.

Mrs. Milton Yake was named president of the Cardington Band Boosters.

Inez Gordon was elected president of the Cardington FHA chapter.

Becoming new members of the First United Methodist Church on Easter Sunday were Mr. And Mrs. John Ewing, Mr. And Mrs. E. C. Orewiler, Mr. And Mrs. A E Denton, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baker, Beverly Rinehart, Janet Orewiler, Jane Orewiler, Maeve Murphy, Anna Jane Ullom, Dan Snyder, Max Weise, James Morris, Mary Akron, Betty Fraker, David Richey, James Waterer and Judy Lawrence.

30 years ago, April 20, 1984:

Mike High was elected president of the Cardington FFA.

Ground was broken for the new Wire Assemblies plant in the Cardington Industrial Park. Pat Nichols, Community Economic Development director, conducted the cere-mony which was attended by 25 people.

Green Acres Housing Development opened officially. A model home, the Valencia had been built for a public tour. Richard Green was the developer and Jim Higgins was the contractor. Gale Slack from the CIC, Mayor Billy May and Pat Nichols attended the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Robin Grimm was named Ohio Gourd Queen for 1984

The Morrow County Board of Realtors sponsored a tree planted in Cardington for the second consecutive year. Pictured were Darlene Day and Mary Mosher from the Board of Realtors and Ginger Smith from the Heimlich Park Committee

Alex Ringler, 9, from Westfield Township, brought home five trophies, a plaque, a medal and the most cumulative points for a day’s event when he competed in the Fourth Mountain State Karate Championships at St. Albans, West Virginia.