Letter: Extension Services benefit youth

April 29, 2014

Dear Editor,

My husband and I are writing in support of the Morrow County Extension Service Levy. We have been 4-H leaders for the past 7 years. Both of us were in 4-H clubs growing up and know what it means to be a 4-H member. There are so many wonderful opportunities for everyone involved. This is one of the many reasons why Chad and I have a 4-H club. 4-H gives kids an opportunity to show an animal, build a rocket, bake a dessert or meal and just have the experience of the Morrow County Fair. Through our club, we have come to know that it is not what color of ribbon you receive or what order you place in, it is about just being a 4-Her and being proud of all of your accomplishments.

Please vote YES for the renewal of the Extension Services levy to give all children of Morrow County the chance to experience 4-H and all the benefits that is provides.

Chad and Lorri Richards, Cardington