Letter - Support Tri-Rivers Levies—Career Tech Works!

April 29, 2014

To the Editor,

I strongly believe that you should support Tri-Rivers Career Center by voting for the May levies. I believe that I am an example of success from a career tech program. I strive for perfection in all that I do and I am highly motivated. I go out of my way to get my work done and I put my schoolwork and other work before anything else. My attendance is great; I make every effort I can to make it to school every day.

My goal in being in a career tech school is to be employed in a career I want and I have been working towards for years. In high school I have put a lot of effort into increasing my knowledge. I took college-prep engineering classes to get me ready for a career tech program. I have taken multiple college courses getting me prepared for the engineering career field. I have taken the most challenging courses available. To prepare myself more I have taken challenging pre-calculus and trigonometry classes. I believe because I have pushed myself so hard in high school that I will not have issues with the challenges I will face in an engineering career.

I plan to work my way through college, which I believe I have been well prepared for and will have been given the opportunities and resources to get a career that will allow me to go to college while I work and earn money to further my education. In the career tech program I am in, I have learned so many useful things that there is no way I could have obtained that knowledge without being in a career tech program

I have spent countless hours working on projects in my class that are very similar to the projects that I will face in the career field I chose. I like how I am getting a preview for how I will be working after school. It has shown me that I definitely want to be in a specific career field.

I believe that I am a success because I get good grades in class and I learn more things each day that will help me later on in my career. I am looking forward to getting employed. I believe in Tri-Rivers and I believe in the future. I know Tri-Rivers works. Please support Tri-Rivers levies May 6.

Haydyn Behrens