Letter: Whetstone Industries workers pleasure to work with

May 6, 2014

Dear Editor:

The members of the Mount Gilead Park Avenue Elementary School Destination Imagination Team would like to share publicly how much they enjoy working with the individuals from Whetstone Industries. “We picked them to be our community helpers for our community service project. We are raising awareness and money for the Morrow County Dog Shelter which has been battling flood waters since 2011.”

“The shelter was built on a flood plain and needs a new location. The individuals from Whetstone Industries were our first community helpers and have made this challenge a great experience. They always make us laugh. When they are around it is always fun. We have great experiences with them. Individuals would come to the school on Fridays and we would discuss the project and do an art activity. The Individuals from Whetstone are very important to us. We would be very sad if that division of Whetstone was to shut down. We would feel terrible if they didn’t get that special care they need to help them learn.”

Signed: Madison Swalley, Rebecca Staley, Joel Conrad, Jason Lin, Garrett Lamb-Hart, Anna Marocco and Molly Murphy