Buckeye Classic held at Cardinal Center with over 1300 participants

June 10, 2014


Cardinal Center Campgrounds hosted the 2014 Buckeye Classic from May 28 to June 1 with a total of 1323 shooters (953 from Ohio) competing in 12 different events. Attendance at the events was the largest overall. By adding all the participants in each event, there was a total of 5571, which was over 400 more than last year’s Buckeye Classic and about 200 more than in 2012. While attendance was down in the three events on the first day from last year, it was increased in all but one of the nine events staged over Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Also held during the Classic was the Dawson’s Gun Shoot Off, which was won by Jacob Sears of South Solon. Results of the Buckeye Classic are listed below.

Event One: Wednesday Preliminary Singles

Class AA, Randy Wilhelm, 100; Class A, Rife Denlinger, 100; Class B, Charles Gandert, 98; Class C, Michele Heimann, 97; Class D, Ray Brewer, 97; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 98; Junior, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 98; Veteran, Leonard Rock, 98; Senior Veteran, Willis Anderson, 100; Lady, Debbie Thompson, 99.

Event Two: Wednesday Preliminary Handicap

Champion, Michael Fox Jr., 99; Runner-up, Randy Wheeler, 98; Third Place, Garry Crabaugh, 97; Fourth Place, Brant Snively, 96; Fifth Place, Mark Norman, 96; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 94; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 92; Veteran, William Williams, 95; Senior Veteran, Richard Pitsinger, 96; Lady, Beverly Scott, 94.

Event Three: Americase Doubles

Class AA, Kyle Hamilton, 193; Class A, Tom Cecil, 191; Class B, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 189; Class C, John Thomas, 185; Class D, Joe Wright, 171; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 177; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 190; Veteran, Don Renner, 195; Senior Veteran, Rodney Sheets, 190; Lady, Peggy Wise, 184.

Event Four: Fishburn Handicap

Champion, Oscar Suski, 97; Runner-up, Norman Mullins II, 97; Third Place, Robert Harden, 97; Fourth Place, Randy Wilhelm, 97; Fifth Place, Carl Chadwell, 97; Sub Junior, Walter Jewell, 94; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 95; Veteran, Vilas Claar, 96; Senior Veteran, Francis Berkshire, 97; Lady, Ashley Stumbo, 91.

Event Five: Suds ‘N Sun Singles

Class AA, Steve Corwin, 100; Class A, Roger Peterson, 100; Class B, John Fanello, 99; Class C, Jeffrey Schlichter, 98; Class D, Frank Craft, 98; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 100; Junior, Brandon Sullivan, 100; Veteran, Gary Sutphin, 100; Senior Veteran, Robert Scheonrock, 100; Lady, Peggy Wise, 98.

Event Six: Farmstead Handicap

Champion, Matthew Thomas, 99; Runner-up, James Johnson, 99; Third Place, Jeffrey Miller, 99; Fourth Place, Tate Hedrick, 98; Fifth Place, Michael Wengerd, 98; Sub Junior, Madison Pitstick, 99; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 98; Veteran, Teddy Bilbrey, 97; Senior Veteran, Raymond Batke, 97; Lady, Ashley Stumbo, 96.

Event Seven: Fred W. Dague Class Singles

Class AA, Michael Blair, 100; Class A, Russell Hastings, 100; Class B, Ken Pignotti, 100; Class C, Jim Hovis, 97; Class D, Jeff Aiken, 97; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 100; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 100; Veteran, Mike Dehabey, 100; Senior Veteran, Robert Scheonrock, 100; Lady, Beverly Scott, 99.

Event Eight: Robert P. Sanders Handicap

Champion, Mitch Loveless II, 100; Runner-up, J.B. Lewis, 98; Third Place, Michael Hankins, 98; Fourth Place, James Jones Jr., 97; Fifth Place, Derek Dickson, 97; Sub Junior, Madison Pitstick, 96; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 96; Veteran, Mike Dehabey, 97; Senior Veteran, Edward Kline, 98; Lady, Rebecca Bertuzzi, 95.

Event Nine: Joel F. Etchen Class Doubles

Class AA, Joseph Charnigo, 100; Class A, Glenn Lash, 99; Class B, Gary Holmes, 97; Class C, Michael Waggoner, 93; Class D, Sam Lama, 92; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 95; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 95; Veteran, Curtis Paul, 98; Senior Veteran, Rodney Sheets, 98; Lady, Sara Dean, 94.

Event Ten: Browning Championship Singles

Champion, John Rosebrook, 200; Runner-up, Dirk Meckstroth, 200; Class AA, Michael Wengerd, 200; Class A, Taylor Bisig, 200; Class B, John Wardell, 197; Class C, Michael Stabinski, 196; Class D, Richard Miller, 194; Sub Junior, Shane Marshall, 198; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 198; Veteran, Paul Marthey, 199; Senior Veteran, Louie Morgan, 200; Lady, Amy Petkovich, 197.

Event Eleven: Sportsman’s Den Champion Doubles

Champion, Patrick McCarthy, 100; Runner-up, Joseph Charnigo, 100; Class AA, Richard Granatir, 99; Class A, Timothy McMillan, 99; Class B, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 96; Class C, Daniel Brenner, 95; Class D, Oscar Suski, 95; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 97; Junior, Brandon Sullivan, 98; Veteran, Ronald Charniga, 97; Senior Veteran, Jerry Sedlacek, 97; Lady, Mary Thompson, 97.

Event Twelve: Kolar Championship Handicap

Champion, David Herman, 100; Runner-up, Robert Caplinger, 99; Third Place, Darrel Murray, 99; Fourth Place, John Kenny, 99; Fifth Place, Jeff Sheldon, 98; Sub Junior, Lewis Miser, 98; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 97; Veteran, Philip Burton, 97; Senior Veteran, Lonnie Jordan, 98; Lady, Sue Burgess, 97.

All Around

Champion, Robert Caplinger, 395; Runner-up, Michael Wengerd, 393; Class AA, Carl Chadwell, 392; Class A, Darrel Murray, 389; Class B, Ryan Phillips, 382; Class C, Bruce Burton, 374; Class D, Madison Pitstick, 368; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 381; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 392; Veteran, Craig Blank, 386; Senior Veteran, Louie Morgan, 387; Lady, Mary Thompson, 384.

High Overall

Champion, Hunter Brandt, 975; Runner-up, Mitch Loveless II, 972; Class AA, Carl Chadwell, 970; Class A, Roger McNamer, 962; Class B, Oscar Suski, 953; Class C, Jeffrey Schlichter, 934; Class D, Timothy Goetz, 871; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 954; Junior, Brandon Sullivan, 957; Veteran, Mike Dehabey, 954; Senior Veteran, Robert Scheonrock, 964; Lady, Mary Thompson, 945.

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