July 1, 2014

Dear Sen. Burke,

Thank you for your response to my letter about reducing gun deaths. You have not really said anything substantial, however, and I wonder what YOU are doing to reduce the number of gun deaths, both by accidents and by dangerously mentally ill or criminal shooters. Nobody was talking about taking rights away from law-abiding citizens.

In Texas, Colorado, and a number of other states, citizen-supported laws have been passed requiring background checks everywhere to prevent people with mentally dangerous behaviors and criminals from buying guns anywhere. The fact that some will get them illegally does not mean we should not reduce their availability. Several states have also passed laws outlawing the large magazines used in the horrific shootings in the schools. There is nothing in the Second Amendment that says we protect the rights of criminals and mentally ill people to get guns. I cannot help but think of Emily Parker, age 6, riddled with bullets, and a country that does nothing about it.

Because of the large numbers of suicides and the accidental deaths of children from unsecured guns, we need at least an education program to ensure that gun owners keep their guns locked up, with the ammunition also locked up. This does not hurt anyone. It helps children and others.

At the Cardington Festival on Saturday, a Mrs. Clark stopped by our booth to ask for support for her mission to reduce accidental gun deaths. Her son Trevor was killed when he went hunting with a friend who was not versed in gun safety. Teenagers don’t always pay attention to training or rules, but the boy who tripped, with a loaded gun, and killed Trevor had not had training.

I would like to see some real action taken by the legislature, both in laws and education plans, to end or at least reduce this ongoing slaughter of children and adults.

Thank you for your attention. You are my senator and I need to know what you personally are doing top protect the people you represent. NOBODY is coming for the guns of law-abiding citizens.


Jill R. Grubb, Bennington West Twp.