Summer swim season kicks off for Mount Gilead team

July 1, 2014

The Mount Gilead Barracudas are finally getting in the groove of practice and meets now that the weather has improved.

“The pool opened more than a week later than usual due to some maintenance issues,” said Coach Dina Snow. “Coach Katie Adams is also assistant manager at the pool and she was giving me updates every day or so on what was happening! We finally got going on June 2, the day they finished filling the pool. Let’s just say that the swimmers did not enjoy that 60 degree water!”

After two weeks of cool, rainy weather, the team opened the season June 14 with a meet against Galion. No final score was made available, but the team made a good showing with so little time under their speedos! Erin Zmuda, age 15, set a new team record in the 100 butterfly with at time of 1:06.54, erasing a record set in 2002 by a foreign exchange student.

On June 18, the Barracudas took on the Bucyrus White Sharks. The team barely made it through the medley relays before a thunderstorm hit. After several delays, the meet was cancelled. “Although some of our older swimmers were happy to head home early, we did have some tears from our beginners who were so excited to be in their first meet. We had to cancel before they got to race!!”

Scoring for MG in the medley relays and 50 freestyle were Skye Shipman, Kyndra Irwin, Grace Mowery, Adriana Tinch, Michael Snopik, Joel Conrad, Isaiah Fisher, Mason Kidwell, Dakota Shipman, Cassandra Snopik, Kylie Irwin, Rachel Davis, Mason Faux, Tyler Knight, Sammie West, Eric Mowery, Casey Conrad, Colton Long, Evan Zmuda, Kaleb Fisher, Rachel Shipp, Courtney West, Erin Zmuda, Erika Stevens, Logan Conrad, Daniel Freeman, Kyle Landes, and Aaron Evans.

The team got the chance to swim again on June 21 against Colonel Crawford. “This match up can be hard on morale since CC has more than 100 swimmers,” said Coach Snow. “The team did well even missing several swimmers, and we turned in some good times. First-timers Ryann Brinkman and Jaxon Tinch got to be in the meet and even brought home ribbons!”

Two more team records were set at the meet as well by Michael Snopik in the 9-10 boys 50 freestyle and Evan Zmuda in the 13-14 boys 50 breaststroke.

Earning first place finishes for Mt. Gilead were the 9-10 boys 100 yd. medley relay and the 100 yd. free relay (Mason Kidwell, Michael Snopik, Joel Conrad and Wesley Bush), Jaxon Tinch in the 25 free and 25 back, Michael Snopik in the 25 and 50 free and 25 back, Erin Zmuda in the 100 free and 100 fly, Casey Conrad in the 50 fly, Evan Zmuda in the 100 free, 50 back and 50 breast and Eric Mowery in the 50 back.

Second place honors went to the 13-14 boys medley relay (Conrad, Long, Zmuda and Spencer Faux), the 15-18 boys medley and free relays(Logan Conrad, Daniel Freeman, Kyle Landes and Aaron Evans), Ryann Brinkman in the 25 free and 25 back, Liam Curtis in the 25 free and 25 back, Joel Conrad in the 25 and 50 free and 25 back, Eric Mowery in the 100 free, Kyle Landes in the 200 free, Hawke Littell in the 25 back, Logan Conrad in the 100 back, Courtney West in the 100 breast, Daniel Freeman in the 100 breast, and the 15-18 girls free relay (Zmuda, West, Taylor Clark and Hallie Marlow).

Earning third or scoring additional points for MG were the 9-10 girls medley relay (Skye Shipman, Kyndra Irwin, Grace Mowery and Keana Littell), the 11-12 girls medley relay (Rachel Koller, Cassandra Snopik, Kylie Irwin and Dakota Shipman), the 15-18 girls medley relay(Taylor Clark, Courtney West, Shelby West and Cassidy Hack), Brice Haughn in the 25 free and 25 back, Hawke Little in the 25 free, Grace Mowery in the 25 free and 50 free, Cassandra Snopik in the 50 free, 50 breast and 100 free, Cassidy Hack in the 50 free, Colton Long in the 50 free and 50 breast;

Kyle Landes in the 100 free, Adriana Tinch in the 25 fly, Casey Conrad in the 100 free, Daniel Freeman in the 200 free, Kamry Grandstaff, Kyndra Irwin and Mason Kidwell in the 25 back, Kylie Irwin, Shelby West and Casey Conrad in the 50 back, Taylor Clark in the 100 back, Grace Mowery in the 23 breast, Cassandra Snopik, Cassidy Hack and Colton Long in the 50 breast, the 9-10 girls free relay (Littell, Irwin, Mowery and Tinch), the 11-12 girls free relay(Irwin, Snopik, Koller and Davis), and the 13-14 girls free relay(Hack, West, Shipman and Meaghan McGill).

The team will see more action at Shelby, at the Colonel Crawford Hawaiian Invitational and at Upper Sandusky in the next week.

Submitted by Coach Dina Snow