Morrow County Republicans attend the 2014 Annual Republican State Dinner

July 8, 2014

Morrow County Republicans attended the Annual Republican State Dinner held on May 10,2014 at the Columbus Renaissance Hotel.

Republicans were thrilled when Governor John Kasich and special guest speaker Governor Haley Barbour spoke at the event. Other statewide legislative and political leaders who spoke at the event were Ohio Republican Party Chairman, Matt Borges; Speaker, Bill Batchelder; Lt Governor, Mary Taylor; State Auditor, David Yost; Supreme Court Justice, Judith French and Senator Rob Portman.

Governor Kasich spoke about the thousands of new private sector jobs created in Ohio. Governor Kasich along with Lt Governor Mary Taylor have been heading up the “Common Sense Initiative” which has hundreds of job killing regulations off our State books. Governor Kasich claims that his most critical accomplishment does not appear on a spread sheet or in legislation but with Ohioans and their hope that the foundation for Ohio’s diverse economy continues to build Ohio’s prospects in our state.