August 5, 2014

Dear Sir or Madam:

Has the President and his minions completely lost their minds?

Our schools are falling apart. Our highway and bridges are deteriorating to the point where they are becoming unsafe. There are still thousands of Americans out of jobs and none to be found in the foreseeable future. The median annual income of the American Family has gone down several thousand dollars. Our deficit is trillions (with a T) higher than it was when he came into office. Our infrastructure is an international joke and Mr. Obama decides, without the blessings of Congress, that we (America) will go to Honduras and seek refugee children to come to be American Citizens.

I am as compassionate as anyone, but what about our children in Chicago, New York and actually, any city in the U.S, who could use better nutrition, nicer clothes and more educational materials that these children will siphon away?

It just irritates me that if anyone speaks out about the stupidity of worrying about these very unfortunate kids while neglecting our own, we are called uncaring and cold blooded. We are not, we are just being practical and we realize that there has to be a limit as to just how much the American Tax Payer can do.

Besides these asinine actions, the President, along with his Media friends, believe Israel is wrong when she defends herself against Hamas, a Palestinian backed Terrorist group, when Israel is rocketed on a daily basis and when it turns out that Israel is suffering hundreds less casualties than Hamas, Mr. Obama and the media cry “FOUL”. What happened to the American Precept, that we fight for the underdogs of the World, instead of funding and rewarding the bullies of the world, as the President is now doing?

Darl Mills, Mt. Gilead