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Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to make two points regarding “The Affordable (?) Care Act”, aka Obummercare,

The first being I am 73 and obviously on Medicare and I can’t be sure if it’s true but I was told by an Insurance Broker that if I am over 65, I can’t even sign up for Obummercare, but more importantly, not even being on Obummercare, my premiums for my wife and I, will go from $36.00 a month to $70.00 a month, each, as of January 1, 2014. I don’t know about anyone else, but a 50% hike in your premium will not be easy for someone on a fixed income. and despite my liberal friend’s assertions that the rise in premiums is due soley to the greed of the Insurance Companies, I believe that, raising their premiums, is their way of protecting themselves from the horrendous costs, that Obummer care will inflict on them and the American People.

My second point would be that since the Senate Democrats have decided to play hard ball by declaring, what folks refer to as the Nuclear Option, where-by they have changed a two hundred year old rule that calls for a 60 vote majority vote to confirm or deny a Presidential appointments and pending bills before the Congress, and made it a simple 51°1<> Majority, thus doing away with the Filibuster, (the only means with which the Minority party, (whether it would be Democrats or Republicans) has, to attempt to block such appointments). the Democrats will be able to ride rough shod over the Congress and the American People. With this ability, now more than ever you can expect to see, the implementing of the Independent Payment Advisory Board, (IPAS), which will be a group of people appointed by the President, who won’t neccessarily have any Medical Credentials, deciding whether a Medical procedure will be financially practical or not and if not, they will have the power to deny such a procedure, thus in escence, they will be able to decide who lives or dies, depending on their age or medical prognosis.

I’d like to ask a very important question, “Does our country look anything like it did before Barack Obama became President? I don’t think so and I fear it will not be getting any better anytime soon.

Thank you, Darl Mills, Mt. Gilead

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