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Dear Editor,

After I finished this letter I saw that Darl Mills and I were thinking the same thing. I guess freedom-loving minds think in like manner.

The list of Barack Obama’s crimes is long. Some will call me racist because I dare to oppose the acts of this president. I believe it doesn’t matter what race or religion he is; the man has violated his oath of office more times than anyone can even remember.

The list of impeachable offenses is extensive. Obama should be impeached and it should have happened months and years ago. Barack Obama has proven time and time again that he has no desire to follow the law and that he believes the office of the Presidency should have unlimited power. I also believe he hates our country and is trying to destroy it, even though it has provided him the opportunity to attain all the wealth and benefits he enjoys. I think anyone who can read and will take the time to educate themselves can tell he follows Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. Not only that, but he and his ilk also follow the Cloward-Piven strategy of orchestrated crisis. Their strategy is to overwhelm our systems and have a socialist structure ready with which to replace them. What are a few of the crises in the last six years? There was the Banking Crisis, Mortgage Crisis, Spending Limit Crisis, Fast and Furious Crisis, and Benghazi to name a few. In the year 2014 alone there has been Obama’s Bowe Bergdahl/Taliban swap, his push for illegal alien amnesty, his refusal to prosecute Lois Lerner, his breaking of the law to delay parts of Obamacare, his lies to the American people regarding Obamacare, and his attempt to unilaterally redefine who is allowed to own a firearm. Remember Barack Hussein Obama stated on October 30, 2008 “five days from now we will fundamentally change America”.

I know that impeachment and conviction is a longshot in this political climate. The Republicans are too scared; they do not want to impeach the first black president or to rock the boat before the November elections, and the Democrats will defend their imperial president until the end. Does this mean that “We The People” should just sit back and watch king Obama shred the Constitution and ruin this country? The only defense against tyranny that we the people have is for our representatives to begin impeachment proceedings!

Phone, write, text, email, and fax Pat Tiberi, our so-called representative. Tell him it is about time for him to grow a backbone and finally do something for the people he represents and for the country! Ask him what he has done to stop spending and get our country back to Fiscal Responsibility. We are 17+ trillion dollars in debt and I know for a fact he supports foreign aid. That means sending $14.933 BILLION (we need to borrow) to places that include Russia, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Mexico and even Hamas. We do not need to pay them to hate us! Ask him what he has done to make government smaller and back to a Constitutionally Limited Government. Ask him what he has done to remove controls and sanctions in order to unleash the Free Market.

If we do not demand that Congress return us to our founding principles, who will? We should demand the impeachment of President Barack Hussein Obama now! We owe it to all the brave patriots who worked and died throughout history to preserve the very rights that Obama is trampling on!

When great-grandchildren ask me what I did to stop Obama from destroying the country, my response will be “Everything I possibly could!” What will your answer be?

Before the term “politically correct” there was “freedom of speech” and every American had it!

Nelson Hack, Mt. Gilead

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