Over 8500 in total attendance at Cardinal Center

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Sentinel Photo | Rob HamiltonTrap shooters from 37 states and Canadian provinces came to Morrow County last week to participate in the Cardinal Classic.
Sentinel Photo | Rob HamiltonTrap shooters from 37 states and Canadian provinces came to Morrow County last week to participate in the Cardinal Classic.
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The Cardinal Classic was held at Cardinal Center Campgrounds over the course of last week. A number of prizes were given out over the six-day event, which ran from Tuesday through Saturday. After the first three events, an Americase $500 gift certificate was won by Jackie Snellenberger of Coldwater, Mich. Joseph Charnigo of Creston won the Thorn Bottom Hunting 4-Man Pheasant, while another Americase $500 gift certificate for events 4-6 went to David Texido of Grand Island, N.Y. The gift certificate for events 7-9 went to Willis Anderson of Bluffton and for events 10-12, a Browning 725 Trap Shotgun went to Adam Krzyzanowski of Warminister, Pa.

Also, Brad Cox (Blue .22), Josh McBride (Golden Boy .22) and Benny Ritz (Golden Boy 30/30) were the Henry Rifle winners, while David Berlet of New Knoxville was the Zoli Shotgun winner. Overall, attendance was down by 263 over the six days, likely due to rainy weather popping up from time to time during the week. However, the total championship event attendance (Saturday and Sunday) was virtually even, only falling four off 2013’s pace.

Following are the complete event results.

#1 Cabela’s Singles

Class AA, David Shaeffer Jr., 100; Class A, Jake Rosmaninho, 100; Class B, Bert Schoonover, 99; Class C, Jim Hardie, 98; Class D, Fred Barkalow, 97; Sub Junior, Brady Welsh, 97; Junior, Ryan Phillips, 100; Veteran, William Williams, 100; Senior Veteran, David Berlet, 100; Lady, Jennifer Schwartz, 99.

#2 Cabela’s Handicap

Champion, Charles Henry, 99; Runner-up, Chase Stevens, 98; Third place, Wayne Kreisl Jr., 98; Sub Junior, Brady Welsh, 98; Junior, Alex McMullen, 97; Veteran, Vernon Brown Jr., 99; Senior Veteran, Al Bartell, 98; Lady, Jean McCord, 97.

#3 Cabela’s Doubles

Class AA, Cole Dalton, 198; Class A, Timothy McMillan, 198; Class B, Mark Kroger, 192; Class C, Bruce Burton, 188; Class D, Jess Reed, 183; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 194; Junior, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 184; Veteran, Ken Tofferi, 193; Senior Veteran, Sheldon Hostetter, 192; Lady, Sue Smith, 186.

#4 Thorn Bottom Hunting Singles

Class AA, Matthew Patmore, 100; Class A, Tom Cecil, 100; Class B, Steve Stiby, 100; Class C, Gary Wyckoff, 98; Class D, Daniel Rodgers, 97; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 99; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 100; Veteran, Ronald Caldwell, 100; Senior Veteran, Steve Sutton, 100; Lady, Jackie Snellenberger, 100.

#5 Rod’s Custom Stocks Handicap

Champion, Clay Floyd, 100; Runner-up, William Vito, 99; Third place, Ronald Arter, 98; Sub Junior, Brady Welsh, 99; Junior, Jake Caldwell, 94; Veteran, Mike Dehabey, 97; Senior Veteran, Germain Spriet, 99; Lady, Erin Hannah, 97.

#6 Americase Doubles

Class AA, Joseph Charnigo, 99; Class A, John Rosebrock, 97; Class B, Robert Crow; Class C, Jeff Hammer; Class D, James Markley, 91; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 95; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 97; Veteran, Ronald Charniga, 97; Senior Veteran, Sheldon Hostetter, 97; Lady, Elaina McCarthy, 94.

#7 Nobel Sport Handicap

Champion, Billy Gilbert, 98; Runner-up, Michael Wengerd, 98; Third place, Russell Hastings, 98; Sub Junior, Harrison Siders, 95; Junior, Ryan Minyo, 95; Veteran, David Pentrack, 97; Senior Veteran, Robert Reese, 98; Lady, Corrine Camp, 97.

#8 Arkoe Outdoors Singles

Class AA, Brandon Deal, 100; Class A, Fred Dague, 100; Class B, Robert Zimmerman, 100; Class C, Gregory Sliker, 98; Class D, Jarrett Brown, 97; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 99; Junior, Nick Kingrey, 100; Veteran, Roger Shallenberger, 100; Senior Veteran, William Dayton, 100; Lady, Jackie Snellenberger, 100.

#9 Arkoe Outdoors Handicap

Champion, John Nickolich, 99; Runner-up, David Shaeffer Jr., 99; Third place, Ian Darroch, 98; Sub Junior, Seth Butterfield, 95; Junior, Ryan Minyo, 97; Veteran, Wayne Higgs, 97; Senior Veteran, Steve Sutton, 97; Lady, Susan Owens, 96.

#10 Steve V. Charnigo Class Singles

Class AA, Brandon Deal, 100; Class A, Richard Stefanacci, 100; Class B, Jan Kern, 100; Class C, Kenneth Fagnani, 100; Class D, Dan Putz, 98; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 99; Junior, Ryan Minyo, 100; Veteran, Michael Hudick, 100; Senior Veteran, Steve Sutton, 100; Lady, Ashley Stumbo, 100.

#11 Jack Cheek Handicap

Champion, Walter Jewell, 100; Runner-up, Harlan Campbell Jr., 99; Third place, Justin Lancaster, 98; Sub Junior, Jarrett Brown, 98; Junior, Eric Busa, 99; Veteran, Gary Sutphin, 98; Senior Veteran, Keith Saunders, 99; Lady, Dr. Laura Winkel, 97.

#12 Harlan Campbell Jr. Class Double

Class AA, Joel Etchen, 100; Class A, David Storring, 100; Class B, Nicholas Carone, 99; Class C, Caleb Lindstrom, 97; Class D, Jess Reed, 94; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 99; Junior, Ryan Minyo, 100; Veteran, Clyde Findley, 97; Senior Veteran, Ken Smith, 100; Lady, Dr. Laura Winkel, 99.

#13 Sportsman’s Den Champ Singles

Champion, Keith Ditto, 200; Runner-up, Danny Ryan, 200; Class AA, Brandon Deal, 200; Class A, Daniel Wilson, 200; Class B, Kevin Sims, 199; Class C, Jerry Nickell, 199; Class D, Josh Brown, 196; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 199; Junior, Jack Criner, 200; Veteran, Cilas Claar, 200; Senior Veteran, Steve Sutton, 200; Lady, Jackie Snellenberger, 199.

#14 Zoli Championship Doubles

Champion, Harlan Campbell Jr., 100; Runner-up, Frank Pascoe, New Castle; Class AA, Cole Dalton, 100; Class A, Urban Womer, 97; Class B, Jeff Russell, 95; Class C, Bruce Burton, 95; Class D, Justine Nussbaum, 89; Sub Junior, Brady Welsh, 92; Junior, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 98; Veteran, Clyde Findley, 96; Senior Veteran, Rodney Sheets, 96; Lady, Dr. Laura Winkel, 96.

#15 Kolar Championship Handicap

Champion, Johnny Kitchen III, 99; Runner-up, Jeffery Sparks, 99; Third place, Joseph Fortkamp, 98; Sub Junior, Lewis Mizer, 97; Junior, Justin Carson, 97; Veteran, Terry Jordan, 97; Senior Veteran, DeWayne Kitley, 98; Lady, Angela Lorensen, 97.

All Around

Champion, Harlan Campbell Jr., 394; Runner-up, Keith Ditto, 393; Class AA, Frank Pascoe, 393; Class A, Ed Harruff, 389; Class B, Bruce Burton, 387; Class C, Justin Nussbaum, 376; Class D, Jarrett Brown, 377; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 381; Junior, Jack Criner, 392; Veteran, Ronald Charniga, 390; Senior Veteran, Robert Schoenrock, 387; Lady, Dr. Laura Winkel, 390.

High Overall

Champion, Harlan Campbell Jr. 1277; Runner-up, David Shaeffer Jr., 1272; Class AA, Clay Floyd, 1267; Class A, Bradley Findley, 1255; Class B, Bruce Burton, 1225; Class C, Brady Welsh, 1207; Class D, Michael Flores, 1166; Sub Junior, Chas Bloom, 1238; Junior, Ryan Minyo, 1257; Veteran, Mike Dehabey, 1246; Senior Veteran, Robert Scheonrock, 1236; Lady, Tiffany Decker, 1218.

Reach Rob Hamilton at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807, or on Twitter at @SportsMCS

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